Date my spouse?

Many people equate the word "dating" with "going out with a guy/girl to see if you are interested in them". While this is true, dating is something that can also be included with marriage relationships as well. This is an awesome idea that more married couples should embrace and this article will explain why and what you can do.

Take away the pressure

Dating your husband or dating your wife is something that can be extremely fun for a number of reasons, but this first one is one I really want to go into first. The pressure of dating before marriage always meant that there was pressure to perform and be on your best behavior. If you say something wrong that person you were dating could very well walk away. With dating your spouse, there is no pressure because you two are already married. There's no pressure to worry if he/she likes you, what interests they have, how you can show your love to them because the knot has already been tied. This pressure release means that all that's left is having fun. You can date your spouse without the burden of being on your best behavior and acting like someone you are not because your wife/husband already knows your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes.

Healthy relationships

Dating your husband or wife is important to keeping your marriage fresh and filled with passion. Many people have this unfortunate idea that once they marry their significant other then the game is over. The wife goes to the kitchen and the man goeDating your spouses to the job do bring home the income. These are some horribly misplaced values and visions for marriage relationships. You should want to please your spouse more than ever when you do get married because they chose to spend the rest of their lives with you. I like to think of this approach: If this person wanted to spend the rest of their lives with you then treat them like a king/queen so they feel each day like they made the right choice in choosing you out of the billions of people on the planet.

This healthy lifestyle of dating your wife or dating your husband is significant and something we miss out on in society. Don't fall into the marriage trap of being excited for a month and then letting life pass you by and become ordinary. Let your passion and love come alive each day by continually dating your spouse. Let them know they are special and you love them, not just saying "I love you". The Bible puts it best by saying you will know them by their fruits. Talk is cheap and saying I love you isn't enough, you have to put action behind those words and the best way to show your wife/husband you love them is by dating them even after marriage vows are exchanged. Love to me is a verb, an action to go and do something. Show them you care by buying her flowers or taking him out to his favorite sports event. Make each other happy and you will live a glorious fun filled life together each day.

Busy times means less time together

Marriage in the beginning is amazing, you both are in love and things are looking great. However once those feelings leave and life starts to kick in what now? Kids start to come and jobs and committments make our lives harder and busier so there's less time for each other. That's why I'm a firm believer in date night, which means that you can set asideGrow old together a day or an evening together just between the two of you so you can relive those moments of passion you first experienced when you said hi to each other that first time you met. Dating lets us experience those moments of when you first started seeing each other and can really give you some time alone to show each other your love towards them.

As society gets us busier and busier this becomes even more important because marriage relationships end frequently because of lack of communication and love/passion. We're so tired from the day that we don't have time for each other, we just want to sit on the couch and watch TV and then go to bed. But being in a marriage relationship still means what it did that first day you said "I do" in that you both chose to spend the rest of your lives with that person, so show them you care by taking them out and continually dating your spouse. It's healthy, fulfilling, and will lead you to build a solid foundation and happy life together.

Setting a good example

When your kids, or other close friends and relatives see how you treat each other by taking time out of yChildrenour busy lives to date each other they will appreciate your intentionality and learn from your example. Showing your kids when they are young how a mother and father should love them and each other will set their lives straight so when they grow up they don't settle for some random person for a month of passion which will end in divorce. You want them to see what marriage is really like, so set a good example and instill into them the proper values in dating their significant other. Over 50% of marriages end in divorce today and nobody should desire divorce so this startling number can be dramatically reduced by showing the younger generations and those close to us that dating your spouse is healthy and builds a lasting friendship and loving relationship.

Enjoy your time together

Marriage is a lifelong journey with your best friend, so enjoy your time together and don't let life dictate your marriage or your close bond. Date each other and continue to instill passion and romance into the relationship and the results will come back to you tenfold in rewards. You will feel better, be happier, and healthier because stress and strife won't be present. Take this issue to heart and change your lives today. It's never to late to start, so don't feel like if you've been married for a while you can't begin a new course with your partner today!