Okay, you may feel that there’s some typo error in the title or may be most of you will be familiar with such a subject. Well! If compared with some specific scenarios, dating and job search is quite similar. With the downfall in the economy and a high rate of unemployment, many people are looking out for jobs. However, employers are still recruiting and jobs are still available in the market. Similarly, Mr/Mrs. ‘Right’ is just out there somewhere, and people spend their precious years to find him/her.

Not to mention, both these tasks i.e. finding a job and a date uses same tools. A job interview or your first date with someone, both are about your selling yourself, with only difference that for a job you market your professional skills and for a date, you market your personal traits. So here’s a brief discussion to compare dating and job search. Also, the findings and analysis can help your business student resume landing a job.

Your Expectations

With both job hunting and dating, you have some expectations and you look for most of them to be satisfied to continue with the relation or a job progress. In a job, your expectation may be related to the profile, location, permanent/temporary nature, and most important of all, salary.
While, for a date, your expectations are related to looks, appearance, age, nature, hobbies, sense of humor, and shared interests.

While looking out for a job or a date, you compare the available option against your expectations. It is recommended that before you apply for any position or ask someone out, think about what you are looking for and whether the options ‘fit’ in. Nevertheless, you should be able to prioritize the expectations and be a little flexible.

Their Expectations

In case, you are replying to an ad by a person through dating site or a job position, look for the requirements carefully. You should not waste your as well as other party’s time by sending your resume for the requirement that you do not fit in. Instead, you should invest time in searching for work or person, which is more of your choice.


With all the similarities listed above, this element is another one to join the list. Again for both job hunting and dating, you can explore various options including social networking sites, friends, job portals, dating sites, and direct approach. However, the suitability of every option is relative to the hunt: job or date. A direct approach can be better in case of a date, while it is not feasible for a job search.

If you are a nursing student, and have built your nursing student resume then you need to start pushing your resume to bring it the way to a job. This article discusses the similarities between date search and job search and suggests the manner in which  you should approach all the above elements. The findings of this comparison helps you prepare for a job as you prepare for a date or vice versa. Through a dating or job search you have to prove your skills to grab the job or continue the date.