Everyone wants to be more popular and attract more dates. While you probably won't get 100 dates and get an entourage following your every move after reading this article, there are few tips you can implement that are important in becoming a more likeable and popular person as well as getting more dates. Read on to learn how to become more popular and attract more dates.

Confidence is a must! You don't have to be the best athlete, or the most popular guy in school, but if you are brimming with confidence and have a sense of self worth, then people will gravitate towards you and start liking you more. Having confidence means you aren't scared to wear something totally different from what's popular, or approach someone of the opposite sex who many people may consider out of your league for example. Show people that you are confident in yourself and that you believe that God created you to be the best person you can be just by you being the person you are.

Be unique. Don't do what everybody else is doing. Instead, do your own thing and stay in your own lane. Don't pay so much attention to what others are doing or what they may say about you. People get jealous of others who are doing things their own way or are different from the rest of the group. But the good thing is, more people respect and soon will come to like and want to be around people who do things differently and go against the trend while being a sort of rebel.

Live life on your own terms. Speak you opinion boldly even when you aren't asked and act as if you could care less what anyone thinks about you. Stand up for what you believe in. This will definitely get you respect and get people to admire and love you. If you live as if the world is yours without being arrogant or cocky about it, then you will get plenty of dates and you will have many people who like you and want to always hang around you or who comes to you for advice.

If you are given the ability to lead, don't be afraid to put your leadership skills to use. Do not settle for being a follower. Be a leader and help people out. Lead people in the right direction and uplift people when given the opportunity. People will take notice of these things.

Be yourself. Don't adopt someone else's personality or swagger. Resist the urge to put the mask on. Everyone is blessed with something that they can use to their advantage. You just have to find your own swagger and who you are and wear it proudly.

Lastly, find the one thing that makes you stand out from others and makes you unique and wear it like a badge of honor. This is what swagger is and having it will make you popular with people and will land you more dates. It's the characteristics of each person that sets them apart from others. Don't be afraid to be unique and adopt your own personality.

These are traits we all have. You just have to cultivate yours and tweak it to your liking and just remember to be yourself. I hope these tips help you become more popular and land more dating opportunities! Good Luck!