Dating tips: 12 habits of the Masters
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     Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to be able to connect and get dates effortlessly? There are certain kinds of people out there who are just naturals at dating and social interactions. They can just about instantly connect with people and get what they want out of life. These people are sometimes referred to as the “masters” of dating and socializing. They can flow easily in and out of social circles, getting the connections and the advantage over their competition. Some of them are born this way and some of them are made through practice and dedication to their art. Here are twelve habits of the masters; study them and try to incorporate them into your life and you too will be considered the “master”.

  • Physical presence: You can display your higher value in the dating game through your physical presence.  Moving fluently and in control of their body language they move with confidence and therefore command attention from the opposite sex. Think about the grace and power a jungle cat projects when it moves.
  • Move less: You want to move your body around less than the person you talking with. You movements should be a little slower and carefully calculated. Move smoothly without jerky movements and it will subconsciously speak of your sexual prowess.
  • Cultivate a large social circle: One of the habits of the natural is to cultivate a large social circle with many different kinds of people. This will give you more opportunities to meet new people and network towards the kind of people you would like to date. Meeting more people allows you to practice your skills to perfection, and you will always find something interesting going on.
  • Cross gender: Learn how to be good with people in general, not just people you would like to date. Treat everyone with kindness, respect and the attention they deserve. This is very important and can bring you rewards beyond your imagining.
  • Don’t try to impress: Do not try to impress anyone, just be yourself and be comfortable in your surroundings. Be content with who you are and be self assured; you will not have to impress anyone.
  • Be Authentic: Be comfortable with who you are, what you have and with yourself. People can pick up on someone who is not at home in their own skin; they will subconsciously feel just as uncomfortable as you do if you are not at home in your own body. If you are comfortable with yourself then others will be comfortable around you.
  • Be the interviewer: When you are talking to someone, try to be the interviewer. Find out what they like, what they do and anything else in their life that they would like to tell you. People like it when someone is really listening to them.
  • Social intuition:  Learn to be part of a conversation and not direct it. You have to lean to be cool and confident no matter what the situation. Learn to interact with the friends of the person you are interested in and they will notice how you can blend into her social circle effortlessly. It’s also widely known that we look for approval from our friends, so if their friends like you, so will they.
  • Confidence: Confidence is everything when it comes to interpersonal communication. Your confidence, or lack thereof, will shine out like a beacon alerting everyone around you; leaving them little doubt as to how confident you are. Learn how to cultivate your confidence, let it grow and people will notice.
  • Congruence:  Your outer display should match your inner core. If you would rather wear a dress than jeans or a suit rather than cowboy boots then go for it. You will be more comfortable and more confident in clothing you like to wear. When tested people will find you to be a true natural inside and out.
  • Do not apologize: Never apologize for who you are, be proud and happy with who you are. You do not have to say sorry to anyone for being on this planet; but you might expect an apology or two from people in your life. Do not be apologetic all the time or people will walk all over you (or think your Canadian) and you will never get anywhere towards your goals. Be strong and say what you mean and don’t worry about pleasing everyone around you; that impossible.

     There are twelve habits of the natural dating master. You can be male or female or somewhere in between and these tips can help you become a master of the dating game.  People will consider you a natural and try to emulate your behavior so they too can be masters of the dating game. IT begins slowly but, like a snowball rolling down hill, you will get more attractive and confident as you practice. You may even find that you now have too many people who want to be a part of your life; don’t let it go to your head.

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