Dave Stewart

Dave Stewart is best known as being one half of the pop duo Eurythmics. Stewart founded Eurythmics in 1980 with Annie Lennox and the group became one of the most successful bands of the 80s with a string of number 1 hits including ‘Sweet Dreams’, ‘When Tomorrow Comes’, ‘Here comes the Rain Again’, ‘Would I lie to You’ and many more.

 What is less known about Stewart is that since leaving Eurythmics he has gone on to become a very successful songwriter, writing songs for other artists. Stewart has written and co-written a number of hit songs for artists including No Doubt, Mick Jagger, Bon Jovi and Tom Petty. Stewart’s post Eurythmics songs are perhaps better known than the man himself.

This article takes a look at some of Dave Stewart’s biggest hits as made famous by other artists.

Dave Stewart

Stay – Shakespears Sister

Highest chart position US: 4

Highest chart position UK: 1

Released in 1992 ‘Stay’ was a massive hit for the group Shakespears Sister in the UK staying at number 1 for 8 weeks. The song was co-written by Dave Stewart and his then wife Siobhan Fahey under the pseudonym “Manu Guiot”.

The song was Shakespears Sister’s only hit in the US and featured an unusual, slightly creepy video which won Best Video at the 1993 Brit awards. ‘Stay’ re-entered the UK singles chart in 2010 when X-factor contestant Cher Lloyd performed the song on the show.

  by other artists.

Don’t Come Around Here No More – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Highest chart position US: 13

Highest chart position UK: 50

‘Don’t Come Around Here no More’ was a hit in 1985 for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. The song was co-written by Tom Petty and Dave Stewart who met Petty through a mutual acquaintance, one Stevie Nicks.

The song was a major departure from Petty’s more rock oriented sound with the Heartbreakers and the video to the song went on to become a huge hit on MTV based on an Alice in Wonderland theme and featuring Tom Petty as the Mad Hatter.

Underneath It All – No Doubt

Highest chart position US: 3

Highest chart position UK: 18

Written by Gwen Stefani and Dave Stewart, ‘Underneath It All’ became a hit for No Doubt in 2002 receiving a lot of radio airplay. Stefani and Stewart had not previously met but hit it off immediately, both sharing a love of Jamaican music. According to Stefani the song was written in around 15 minutes at Dave Stewart's London apartment.

The song features a rap by Jamaican DJ ‘Lady Saw’ who won a Grammy for the performance on this song in 2003.


Midnight in Chelsea – Jon Bon Jovi

Highest chart position US: 30

Highest chart position UK: 4

‘Midnight in Chelsea’ was a track co-written by Jon Bon Jovi and Dave Stewart on Bon Jovi’s second solo album Destination Anywhere released in 1997. The song hit number 4 in the UK charts which is Bon Jovi’s highest biggest solo hit. The song is a catchy, melancholy tune which is based on a couple’s snapshot of life in Chelsea, London.

 This is the World Calling - Bob Geldof

Highest chart position US: 82

Highest chart position UK: 25

Released in 1986, this song became a minor solo hit for Bob Geldof after splitting from the Boomtown Rats. The song was written by Geldof and Dave Stewart who have collaborated on a number of songs since this release.


Lily was Here – Dave Stewart and Candy Dulfer

Highest chart position US: 11

Highest chart position UK: 6

This song is an instrumental featuring the saxophone of Candy Dulfer who is the daughter of Dutch sax legend Hans Dulfer. The song was hugely popular in Holland hitting number 1. ‘Lily was Here’ was also a hit in other parts of the world becoming one of the most popular instrumentals in modern time. Candy Dulfer has gone on to have a successful career both as a solo musician and session player. She has toured with a number of leading artists including Prince, Dave Gilmour, Van Morrison and many others.


Old Habits Die Hard – Mick Jagger

Highest chart position US: -

Highest chart position UK: 45

Co-written by Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart for the movie Alfie this song became a minor hit in the UK when it was released in 2004.  The song was recorded in Abby Road studios in London, the famous recording home of the Beatles. ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ won a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song. Sheryl Crow also sings on one version of the song.


Dave Stewart to present day

Today Dave Stewart continues to be one of popular music’s most generous songwriters and collaborators. He has recently worked with Stevie Nicks on her album In Your Dreams  and is currently is working and touring with Joss Stone.

In 2008 Dave Stewart released the Dave Stewart Songbook  which showcases Stewart's biggest hits both with Eurythmics and as a solo artist. It serves as a great introduction to the work of this prolific and brilliant songwriter.


Dave Stewart and His Rock Fabulous Orchestra Medley


Dave Stewart

Solo discography

1989 - Dave Stewart ft Candy Dulfer - Lily was Here (soundtrack)

1990 - Dave Stewart and the Spiritual Cowboys

1991 - Jute City (Soundtrack) ft Dave Stewart

1991 - Honest

1994 - Greetings from the Gutter

1994 - Dave Stewart - The Ref (Soundtrack)

1998 - Sly-Fi

1999 - Dave Stewart - Cookies Fortune (soundtrack)

2008 - The Dave Stewart Songbook Vol 1

2011 - Dave Stewart - The Blackbird Diaries

2012 - Dave Stewart, with other artists - The Ringmaster General.