David Davidoff - Let It Go (Single Artwork)

I stumbled upon this new track by up-and-coming artist David Davidoff and felt I would weigh my thoughts in on the new song titled "Let It Go." While I usually review full length albums, I decided to do some further reviews getting more in depth on specific songs. Without further adue, let me get to reviewing David Davidoff's new single "Let It Go."

Sound: From the first second of the song, I immediately fell in love with the synthetic choir sound. As the song began to unfold, it felt somewhat strange; yet very accessible to the average listener of pop music. Undeniably, this song is heavily pop-driven; however there are elements this song contains which make it particularly interesting to listen too.

The percussive instruments, which seem to incorporate a mixture of electronic drums and Latin percussion creates an interesting atmosphere. As can be expected in this modern era of music, synthetic instruments dominant the soundscape. While some musical elitists may not be a big fan of the sudden influx in synthetic music, many others (including myself) will inherently love the variety of atmospheres synths can provide a song.

In many respects, I found that the song had an odd atmosphere similar to a blend of both "Mad World" by Gary Jules and the original variation of that song by Tears for Fears. This is definitely a positive thing to note, as these are both very respected artists doing somewhat "quirky" yet accessible music. Many may recognize the aforementioned songs from the feature film Donnie Darko, and inevitably I expect "Let it Go" by David Davidoff to rise through the ranks and do very well in a club setting and perhaps even further.

Lyrics and Singing: Lyrics and singing is perhaps the most important aspect of a song. It may very well be what determines whether or not an individual wants to listen to a particular piece of music. At first glance, David's voice may be difficult to get into; however this notion went away almost as quickly as it came. His voice is refreshing because it is accessible yet quirky. The vocal melody in "Let It Go" is rather strange, but this is great because it is able to successfully break the monotony of the song's pop structure. In some respects, David's voice also reminds me off a cross between Gary Jules and Nick Lachey. For those familiar with these artists (and how can you not be?), you will be able to easily see why this is a vastly positive thing. 

In addition to David's voice, a rapper also joins the ranks of this song, primarily in the songs middle section. This makes the song even more club friendly, and counteracts David's melodic singing with rhythmic vocal stylings. I am not an avid listener to rap myself, however it is evident the rapper in this song is skilled. He is not particularly unique, but suits the song very well.

Lyrically, the song is not particularly spectacular, however it delivers lyrics you would generally expect from a song of this type. This is not really a pro or a con, as many people will enjoy the simplicity and accessibility of these lyrics.

Overall Impression: On the whole David Davidoff's song "Let It Go" shows potential for an expected future album. He works in the pop genre, and sets himself apart by adding a variety of sounds and percussive qualities. Anyone who listens to music on the radio will find themselves falling in love with this upcoming artist. If you're interested in hearing David's music, feel free to click the links below and check out this song on You-Tube; and his official website for all your David Davidoff needs!

You-Tube Song Link

David Davidoff Official Website