David Guetta Car Accident: Fact or Fiction?


David Guetta DID NOT die in a car accident

This story that David Guetta has died in a car accident is complete baloney. It's nonsense really. He is still healthy as a horse and this rumor was baseless. The rumor started in July of this year and it really spread like wild fire on twitter and other social media platforms. 

David Guetta Car Accident Claims

The story basically claimed that he had been driving a friend's car on an Interstate and got into a fatal accident. It also claimed that David Guetta had excessive head trauma from this car accident... but the truth of the matter is that he is perfectly fine! This is just another person trying to get some attention by spreading rumours!

Who is David Guetta and Why I wrote This Article Dispelling His "Car Accident"

For those of you who don't know who David Guetta is...: he's a very talented musician and he has been responsible for huge hits like "The World Is Yours" among others... and he was rumoured to have a fatal car accident.

Rest assured, he's doing just fine so don't worry. 

The reason I decided to write this article even though this rumour started months ago is because some people still genuinely believe that David Guetta had a fatal car accident which is 100% false. I think I need to dispel this myth and make sure as many people as possible understand that they should stop buying into these silly ill-willed rumors... Also, they should realize that they are playing a part in this whole process and they shouldn't spread rumours like this one anymore unless they are 100% sure of it's validity.

How To Tell Whether Or Not A Rumour Is True Online

One of the best ways to see if the rumour is true or not is to examine the source of the rumour. Is it a reputable website/blog you have already heard about and know for a fact is reliable? Or is it some fake news site reporting sensational stories that never really happened. Some people on the Web do that you know? They create websites that appear to be reporting news and they'll even go as far as to make it appear that the website is an official news site, like a TV news channel's website... when in reality, it's all baloney and hogwash. You have to watch out for this kind of thing online. For example, when you see the original page that claimed David Guetta had a car accident, you will notice that the web design is very unprofessional and this is a big red flag and should get you a little skeptical. Of course, great web design does not necessarily mean that the source is trustworthy. This is just one way of evaluating a website's credibility.

Other things to look out for

On a side note, I remember finding some similar fake news sites that instead of spreading rumours about David Guetta and other celebrities being involved in a car accident... they tried to sell you a product and basically scam you. This is why it's so important to be very careful abuot the websites you choose to frequent and to be especially careful of the websites/blogs you choose to buy a product from.

Don't trust anyone on the internet!

As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged. Cheers!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about David Guetta's supposed car accident. Stay cautious about the rumours you buy into and make sure you always do a background check on the websites you are learning this kind of information from. Additionally, stop being a part of the problem! Don't spread any more these fake rumours on Twitter or other social sites.