"The Big Man" retiring after 31 years.

After 31 years as the host of Late Night, David Letterman announces he will retire in 2015.  David is the longest running host of the CBS version of late night comedy.  The "Big Man" told a live studio audience today that he called CBS Chief Les Moonves right before the show and told him.

David and CBS haven’t worked out all the details and is evident by him saying that “We don’t have a timetable for this precisely down.”  He later went on to say that it’ll be in the not too distant future but most likely in 2015 David and Paul would be done.  Paul being the co-host of the late night talk show is reportedly retiring as well, but he hasn’t made any official announcement as of yet.

There is already speculation over who will take David’s prized spot as the host of Late Night on CBS.  The front runner from many fans would be Criag Furgeson, who has his show, The Late Late Show, after David’s.  CBS could in fact look for outside talent to bring in as Criag doesn’t have the best of ratings.  In the ratings report Seth Meyers who took over Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show, beat Furgeson’s show by a margin of 79% according to tv by the numbers.

Regardless of who replaces David in the next instalment of The Late Show, David will be missed.  He leaves behind a legacy of pure comedy gold that many tried to beat but never could.  Many fan’s couldn’t believe the news when it broke early Thursday evening after his taping, but still supported David’s decision.  There is no doubt that in the coming weeks and months David’s ratings will increase and will be a big winner in the late night battle.  We expect David and CBS to have one big sendoff episode that will be star packed and include a lot of what David is best known for, comedy gold.

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