Why this product?

Cool Water Wave, by Davidoff, is a fragrance which I came across almost by chance. I read an advert offering a tester and, although it took a while, eventually a small sample arrived in the post. Although it was only a sample it was not minute, as some are. There was sufficient for me to realise that I liked this fragrance, and wanted to purchase a normal size bottle.

Until this sample arrived, all I had really seen or heard of Davidoff, was the lovely hunky body of Josh Holloway, who plays Sawyer in Lost, shaking himself out of the waves, in a Davidoff television advert. I was always too busy taking notice of him, to take proper notice of the advert.


So, checking things out, I discovered that Davidoff is a popular Swiss brand. Wikipedia gives quite a lot of the company's history. Here is just a little.

The company was founded by Zino Davidoff, who was born on March the 11th in Kiev. At that time this was part of Russia. His parents apparently fled Russia that same year, possibly because of Anti-Semitism. They made their home in Switzerland, where they opened a tobacco shop. When Zino finished his schooling h,e travelled widely in South America, where he learned more about tobacco. He returned home, in 1930 and, after taking over his parents shop, expanded the business into a prosperous venture.

For many years the goods on sale were mainly tobacco and smoking related. However, Davidoff were world famous for these products. Today the range of goods includes jewellery, pens, perfume and cologne, among other items.

Cool Water Wave for Women Cool Water

A 30 ml bottle of Davidoff, Cool Water Wave, Eau de Toilette, usually retails at around £ 21 in the UK. The fragrance is contained in a slender, classy bottle. The bottle is tall and has an elegant look to it. It is a medium blue which graduates down to a paler one, at the slightly thicker base.

I find that the fragrance has an almost unisex feel to it. It is a clean, fresh smell which is light and not overpowering. As the initial fragrance fades, there seems to be a slightly earthy, musky scent to it. At times the fragrance seems slightly flowery, at other times it does not. Thinking about it as the fragrance settles on to you, I think it probably would not smell quite right on a man, after all. Davidoff carry a range of these fragrances, specifically designed for men or women, anyway.

The advertising jargon says this eau de toilette in the Wave fragrance has three levels. This is what it claims:

- Top, aquatic juicy freshness. Water fruits: Watermelon. Exotic fruits: Passion fruit, mango and guava.
- Heart, floral feminine personality. Fresh spice: pink peppercorn. Floral: Freesias, Datura, Peony.
- Dry down, Long lasting sensuality. Woody: Sandalwood, Iris wood, Amber, Musks.

Now I'm not sure about that, but it does explain the change in this fragrance when you wear it. After about an hour, it almost smells like a different fragrance. The part that is the strongest, initially, seems to fade into the backgroundwhilst the weakest initially, grows in strength.

I think it is a light to medium fragrance.

It feels fresh and modern, from the packaging to the actual fragrance. I would wear it more as a daytime fragrance. It does not have the complete staying power of some perfumes, but perhaps that is because it is an eau de toilette rather than a perfume.

The cool water wave is the feminine version of Cool Water for Men. There is a body lotion and a shower gel available, to complement the eau de toilette.


I have tried many perfumes and fragrances over the years. This is one of the better ones. I am not sure whether it will become a classic, but for me it is one I would probably use on holiday or for work.

I am definitely pleased with the results so far. As my Hubby suffers from migraines, I try to avoid certain heady scents, which have been known to trigger an attack for him. As yet this more subtle fragrance has caused no problems.

Overall it is a light, feminine, classy fragrance, with a reasonable price tag. I wish it had a longer staying power though.