My name is David, your average guy with an average life who dreams of big things. I first had contact with InfoBarrel shortly after my dive into the universe of creating a stream of passive income online. I had been reading these things about making money by writing for revenue sharing sites, and since I had heard good things about InfoBarrel, I decided to give it a go and start writing!

So far the experience has been being marvellous! It is not a cakewalk, and there is definitely a learning curve, but the experience, knowledge and motivation you can reap from this site is on a level of its own. To "commemorate" my first official month of writing for InfoBarrel, I decided to write this article, as a sort of monthly report as many others like to do, but also to serve as a reflective piece of what my journey has been so far, and what it may become as I go along. 

My initial mindset

The truth is, I became unemployed, and that was the main reason for the goals I set for myself. I started a niche site about a subject I was interested in (for motivation), I created accounts with Amazon Associate[1] and Google AdSense[2] programs to monetize my articles, and I started writing for InfoBarrel sometime at the end of March 2013. After "studying" the growth potential of my niche site (which is semi-built), and the one at InfoBarrel, I saw that the potential in the latter was much, much superior. The visibility is already there, I have no restrictions about what I want to write, and with a little focus on SEO[3] and promotion, I could really put the articles out there to start making some money as soon as possible.

With this in mind I set a goal for myself to write and publish as many articles as I could, ranging the 2-4 articles a day, and in the process achieve the 90% share of revenue and get first place at the month contest. I had the time and the motivation, I could do it. However, after writing my first article, I came to the realization that I would not be able to spam articles of all types of subjects like I initially thought. I delved into subjects I liked, research and presentation. I learned that I would be spending hours on a single article, because I was obsessed with it! And you can't imagine the frustration of not seeing the perfection I was striving for on the published articles! This made me realize that a future of passive income would only be part of what I would be doing on Infobarrel. And this leads me to my next topic, recognition.

Becoming an authority

Since I found myself spending hours working on articles around subjects I was interested in, I set another goal for my self, or better yet, I changed goals. I went from wanting to write a lot, to writing well about what interests me. Writing became only part of the challenge, I wanted friends, girlfriend, family and the community to acknowledge my work above everything else. So I went back into editing what I had published so far, to optimize content digestion, esthetics and proof-read (I was unaware of the spellcheck tool of the editor)! My writing eventually shaped itself into a hybrid of things I was interested in and knowledgeable about, most of which may look like as unrefined tastes in the eyes of society! But who cares? There is an audience for those, and more importantly, there are Google searches on those things! 

If I can write about a subject where I can actually provide with personal information, why should I write about subjects that will require much more research and be much more time-consuming? So with this new mindset, I decided to delve into 3 niches, and create a sort of series intertwining every part of them. The most specific niche I dove in first, and my accomplishment of the month, explored the PC game Age of Empires II. This game has a whole online community of players all over the world, and constant search for info and tips. What initially started as a mere idea for an article (refer to: 10 of the Best Civilizations from Age of Empires II: The Conquerors), became a concept, and led me to create a whole series of articles exploring the plenty of writable content this game offered me.

My future projects include those of creating a series of articles about classic console RPGs[4], which already started with 50 Legendary RPGs - Playstation (PSX), and one surrounding the larger and more competitive niche of movies, my biggest passion. This project already started as well, with one of the articles I'm most proud of, 10 Best Film Categories for Memorable Movie Sessions. The idea behind these projects is to create an "origin" article that I will promote and create backlinks for, and that will branch into other more specific areas. And the best part of this is the fact that I'll be writing about things I'm passionate about! If I gain the visibility on a crowdsourcing site, who knows if that will lead to the creation my own niche site/blog in the future?

While I see a lot of skilful and hardworking folk writing for InfoBarrel on all kinds of subjects, I decided to take my own path, learning from the successes of others as well. I immensely respect many writers with whom I have had the pleasure to somewhat "meet", and read some of their works, but writing about things I am not familiar with, even if there is a mine gold in them, is not for me. So I decided to work on becoming an authority in what I like and know best, and receive the recognition (and profit) I seek for it. I am not saying that this is the right way to go, it is my right way to go, and everyone should look for the right way that will work for them, both right now and in the long term. 

My small victories

I have been as honest and as clear as I can with this, and will continue to do so. With that said, I was striving for first place on the April 2013 writing contest. Reasons I had stated before, like being unemployed and having a lot of free time on my hands, were what drove me forward to it. I do believe however, that despite my motivation and long hours in front of the PC (believe me when I say my poor girlfriend suffered with my new-found writing addiction!), I lack the discipline and attention span to create a lot of my own content for the day. I may have an attention deficit disorder, as I often find my mind digressing and wandering in far too many occasions, and not only when I write. Although I was not able to keep up with the rhythm of my fellow new-comer aronnax, and losing my second place for 1 point margin to Amerowolf (whom I look up to and kinda identify with btw) because I fell asleep (!), I still got third place, and I guess that counts as a victory of which I should be content with.

Another small victory for me, and an early sign of recognition that really motivated me to keep writing, was the feature I got with my very first article 10 Famous Swords and Their Origins. I sent to approval 6 articles from 25th to 30th March 2013, from which 5 were published still in the month, and 3 were chosen as features. Seeing as I published these articles at the very end of the month, and submitted them to get featured in all of their respective categories in the following month, in a short amount of time I saw my primitive articles being shown on the front page of InfoBarrel. In addition to gaining front-page visibility, this was such a great feeling for me, and from that moment on, having a few features every month has become another one of my primary objectives. This is the type of recognition and self-reward I strive for.

My income report

Into the actual results, there is not a lot to show off at the moment, but I do seem to notice some exponential growth already. From InfoBarrel Adsense I earned a total of $4.66, with around 40 articles, averaging 1000+ words. From the third place of the April 2013 writing contest I will receive an additional $25. From my 2 month old semi-built niche site I earned $1.44 from Adsense and $1.20 from my only Amazon sale at the moment. Regarding the few days of March in InfoBarrel, I ended up with a total of $0.40 for the month.

Resume for April 2013 earnings:

-InfoBarrel Adsense: $4.66

-InfoBarrel Total: $29.66

-Passive Income Total: $32.30

It is not much, but it is what I have to show for a first full-month into the "business". I hope to see increases next month, as I will work on more articles, work on my niche, look into Amazon sales optimization, explore Bubblews for a backlink source and more revenue opportunities, and overall try to promote my best content the best way I can. 

And this is it for my first monthly report, which served much more as a reflection of my stay on InfoBarrel, and that hopefully, can provide an interesting read to the community, or be a helpful source for newcomers. See you next month.