It is often remarked that Asia was a golden land during the early times with prosperous trade, immense knowledge and advanced technology. But all was lost in transition over generations and then subjugation by the West. Most parts of Asia were turned into colonies by the European nations during the period between 1600 to 1900. Although, now Asians have won their freedom from the western imperialism, but the centuries of rule left them scarred. Due to hundreds of years of colonialism, most of the countries were left with little natural resources, outdated technology and insufficient education required for progress. These wounds went deep and now they are back with a bang for world domination.

But Asians are very peaceful people and do not indulge in political subjugation by fighting costly wars like America or by getting nuked like Japan. So Asians led by India and China did, what they do best – Mathematics. They calculated that world population in 1950 was 2.5 billion, out of which India and China combined formed 33% of the world population. Considering the World Bank estimates of world's population in 2050 to be around 9 billion, India and China combined can contribute to 50% of the world population going by their current growth rate. In other words, by 2050 every 2nd person you meet in the world would be from these 2 countries. 

World Population Map

The above picture clearly reflects what the world would look like in 2050. We have already started the noticing the influx of Asians in US and Europe. They started earlier with jobs like taxi drivers, cleaners and other utility workers. Then they moved on to running dollar stores and small restaurants. Next came programmers and researchers and finally they have risen to be congressman and corporate honchos. If someone from 50 years back is raised from a grave in London and brought to life, he would be confused if it is London or Mumbai or Shanghai. With the Asians acquiring the blue chip jobs in Western countries, the outlook of the western people towards them have also changed and the number Western-Asian marriages are on the rise. Also statistically, since every 2nd person would be an Asian, there would be more probability of being married to an Asian than a person from any other region. Give the Asians 50 years more and the domination would be complete.

The Asians have hit a home run with their cunning planning. They didn’t spend millions of dollars on buying tanks or cruise missiles. Neither did they resort to any biological warfare like Iraq, nor did they threaten with a nuclear attack like North Korea. But they used the deadliest weapon of all - one that moves without any sound, one that can't be bought by money, one that doesn't involve rocket science and one that can be manufactured by every person (well 2 persons) - Reproduction. The population explosion from India and China has changed the dynamics of the entire world. With a GDP growth rate of 7-8% year on year, time is not far when the feat with population can be replicated with GDP. In fact, according to the research done by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development, with advancement in technology and a skilled labor force, these 2 countries alone would contribute to 46% of the world's GDP by 2060. Although, the total GDP would rise but the rise in per capita income would not be at par due to the high density of population. However, the countries have started thinking about it - with a one child policy being implemented in China and India also thinking on the same lines. If they get this right as well who knows, by 2100, Earth will indeed become The Planet of the Asians.