I have actually made it to day 10!! I feel that I have learned more about meditation in the past ten days than I have been able to acquire in a few years of trying. This program is made for people like me. The recorded meditations sessions build up gradually and the summary that is posted has useful information and tips. I like it because it is short and sweet! Kudos for the Chopra Center for putting this out there for free! I know it drives people to the website, so the center benefits by it. But they are putting out a quality product that is totally free.

I will tell you I have noticed an incredible difference in the way I feel and the way I respond to other people. I actually observe myself interacting with others. I also listen and focus more on what a person is saying to me. Often times, we are too busy formulating a response before an individual has finished their sentence. I really believe I am more aware and in tune with the world.

What I really noticed is that when someone makes a comment or tries to initiate a button pushing session, I recognize it immediately and focus on a mantra and my breathing. I stay calm and in control of my emotions. I wish them well and move on. They look stunned and I have a smile on my face!!

I have watched a few DVDs from Deepak Chopra and have actually learned a great deal. Meditation has been a struggle for me until now. My hope is that they will continue to make this 21-day challenge available to people. I know you can still sign up. You may not be able to catch up but you can download all the meditations and do them on your own.

I have added mine to my iPod Nano and listen to a meditation while I am laying out at the pool or waiting in line somewhere. Meditation really does help to change your negative perception of the world into a more positive perception. These days who doesn't need help with that!!

Anyone that wants to try meditation should go to the Chopra Center website and sign up! I really think this is a great meditation tool for beginners. What is really great is that you are able to download the daily meditations and use them over and over again!! This is a wonderful opportunity to learn meditation and best of all it is completely free.