Day 20 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge is a fourteen minute meditation using a mantra. The focus was on the questions, who am I? and What do I want? The questions are not necessarily about wanting things. You may want harmony, peace of mind, a positive attitude and happiness. Often, we are too focused on acquiring things that only make us happy for a brief moment. Meditation helps you focus on lasting happiness through gratitude. When you are grateful for the things you DO have then what you Do Not have becomes less important. The beauty of meditation is that it teaches you to focus your intentions. Once you have focused your intentions, you begin to pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day. You begin to notice that your thoughts are related to your intention that you focused on during meditation. You will gradually begin to see the manifestation of your intention. This is very exciting when you see little things coming together.

The Chopra Center announced that due to the overwhelming popularity of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge, they will be offering the program again in October. Yes, for FREE! This program will not cost you anything but ten to twenty minutes per day. Pass the information on to your friends and family! This is a fantastic way to learn meditation, especially for those who have never tried meditation. For those who have tried and gave up, this program is perfect. Over 20,000 people joined in on the first program, do not miss out on this FREE way to learn meditation.

This is a wonderful opportunity for those who have been dealing with a great deal of stress in their lives. Meditation is a great way to relieve and gain control of excess stress. You will feel better and you will also have great tools to use when you find yourself in situations that may cause you stress. Again, I can not stress this enough, IT IS FREE!

The October challenge is just around the corner. Take the time to sign up and participate in the meditation challenge. You will not regret it and you have nothing to lose. Just try meditation for 21 days and see the difference it can make in your life.