Of course, the fact that the meditation challenge is completely free is the biggest bonus!!

The segments are in the MP3 format and can be dowloaded to your computer and to an MP3 device. This way you can take the segments with you and listen to them anytime!

The health and well being benefit is immeasurable. Meditation truly helps calm your mind and give you a sense of clarity.

The challenge is a great way for anyone that is interested in learning the art of meditation. It is a very concise and simple way to experience meditation.


All of us have tried things over the years and given up after a couple of days. For this challeng to be successful, it requires you to make a commitment to set aside some time each day. It is so easy for us to believe we are just too busy to even set aside 10 minutes a day. So that is the only drawback of this program. You must find the time in your busy life to take a break and focus on the day's meditation practice!

Full Review

Here I am at Day 8 of the 21 day meditation challenge!! For so many people the art of meditation is elusive. I have always had difficulty with the practice of meditation. At times I actually found it to be tedious. I have never been comfortable actually attending a group class on meditation. Learning the art of meditation on your own tends to be more difficult.

This totally free 21-day challenge has been great for me. I can do it in the privacy of my own home with very little distraction. I am learning a variety of meditation techniques and I have already found the practice to be quite helpful. Learning to quiet the mind is a challenge, especially for me! We have thousands of thoughts each day. I have already been very successful in achieving thoughtless moments.

Amazingly enough, after my meditation session for today, I felt energized! The person that guides these meditation sessions has a great voice and the background music is very relaxing. I prefer to start my day with meditation, but have also found that it is a great practice to incorporate at the end of the day as well.

In Closing

Meditation provides a great deal of benefit to the mind, body and soul experience. Meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure, ease day to day stress and calm the mind. Meditation also teaches you to objectively look at what is troubling you, come to terms with the situation and how to let go of the situation. We often carry way too much baggage around and this prevents us from moving on in life. The baggage prevents us from being in the moment and prevents us from realizing all the people and things that we have to be grateful for.

In these troubling times, meditation is a wonderful way to step back and gain clarity.