Today is day 9 of the 21-day meditation challenge!! You have no idea what a milestone that is for me. I really love this program and so far I am doing better than I expected. As I have previously mentioned in my first two articles, this program is free at the Chopra Center online. I also like the fact the center does not send you a series of emails selling books and such. You get one email daily letting you know that day's meditation is available. I just started with infobarrel and was so excited over this program that I started writing a week after I started the program. With that said, I have decided to give a brief recap of what is contained in each days lesson.

Day 1 - The length of the MP3 is only 13:43. Each meditation on the website has a brief overview for that day's meditation. It also includes very helpful information on meditation and its benefits. Day 1 was a lesson in mindfulness meditation.

Day 2- The length of the MP3 is only12:16 Breath awareness meditation. Basically it teaches you to focus your awareness on your breath. Also, the summary had very helpful tips to follow while you are meditating.

Day 3 - The length of the MP3 is 12:26 This is a lesson in thought meditation. He mentions certain words to invoke thoughts related to that word. This was a new technique to me. Until this lesson, I had never heard of thought meditation. But it teaches you to embrace our thoughts. It also discusses the amount of thoughts that we have. It teaches you that your goal is to get to the gap between thoughts because that is where the silence is.

Day 4 - The length of the MP3 is 10:54 This is a lesson in breath awareness but this time you are introduced to using the mantra so-hum. As you inhale, in your mind you say sooooooo and as you exhale you say in your mind hummmm. This helps you to recognize when you are having thought and push them out. This is a very interesting mantra as it is the mantra of manifestation.

Day 5 - The length of the MP3 is 14:37 This lesson is about attention and intention. This helps you decided where you are going to focus your energy. It also helps to realize that we often focus our attention and intentions on things that really do not serve us.

Day 6 - The length of the MP3 is 16:40 This lesson started with a body scan. While meditating you bring your awareness to each part of the body. Also, the summary online provided great tips on incorporating meditation into your daily life.

Day 7 - The length of the MP3 is 14:12 This lesson is an experiences meditation. You focus on a situation that may be bothering you for a moment, then you move onto other experiences that are positive. You come back to the experience that is bothering you but it helps you to let go of it instead of worrying about it. We all need this lesson!!

Day 8 This is a video of the beach and ocean. You focused on the ocean sounds while you meditated. You could choose to meditate with your eyes open and focus on the video or eyes closed and focusing on the sounds. Here the sounds of the ocean is your mantra.

Day 9 This is a video of a beautiful lagoon. This was a lesson in meditating in nature. I really enjoyed this particular mediation. Again, you choose whether eyes open or closed. here the sounds of nature is your mantra.

The video meditations have an option so you can download the audiophile. I love that this can be downloaded and you can put it on your MP3 player and meditate anywhere!

Feedback is greatly appreciated and if anyone has questions, I will gladly answer them. My wish is that folks will find this helpful and inspire them to try this program. I really believe meditation can impact our lives in a very positive way. These days we all could use a boost!!!