Day beds are lovely pieces of furniture. Some are designed very much like small couches and are built to be placed anywhere needed. Some are made of wood and others are made of metal material with beautiful craftsmanship. With the simple addition of pillows and lovely covering, these beds become beautiful additions to any room. Throughout history, the use of these types of beds occurs over and over, as early as the Roman times to the modern day to make life more comfortable.

Day Beds
Credit: Caitlinator

Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are seats that turn into a twin bed, which can be a relief in case there are visitors in need of sleeping space. For example, children love to have friends over for weekends, in which case the parent can simply unfurl the ottoman and there would be the extra bed in place. Holidays bring family from long distances and having them at hotels does not give quality time needed to spend with them. A solution to this is also the ottoman bed. The frame is steel and easily opened into a twin bed. Most are equipped with twin bedding so there is no need to buy new coverlets.

Guest Beds

A guest bed is available, commonly designed to be foldable, some portable and can be transported anywhere. There are hideaway beds and roll a way beds as options for guest bed, and what all of these beds have in common is that they are compact and easily stored. If they do not serve as extra furniture they can be put away in a closet or storage area until needed. Other portable beds are the inflatable bed and the futon sofa which is exceptionally versatile.

Store Brands

Various companies produce these anytime loungers such companies are: Broyhill, Sterling and Dillard. Each individual dealer has its very own style on the beds giving an outlook on each item. People are always looking for items to make their homes more comfortable and these are brands with bed designs that make beds that work.

Beds made of wrought iron, beautiful cherry wood or mahogany are available for use in your home. A few of these are equipped with storage underneath, making them even more convenient.  Beds made out of brass material, cottage beds and hambord sleigh beds are just a few of the many day beds on the market. Day beds are simple pieces of furniture that are stylistically adaptable to fit into a wide variety of settings. Owners with sun rooms find them especially nice for a lovely night under the sky. In Victorian homes, day lounges are very common. In a wonderful place to take a nap during the day or to sleep at night, it is easy to relax in your kitchen library or enclosed patio with a comfortable bed.