Day of the Dead is a holiday that is left unknown by many people, but it is celebrated by almost all Mexican people, regardless of where they are living. The holiday is geared towards the mourning and celebration of the family members and friends that have died. Surprisingly, Mexican people dress up when they are celebrating this holiday. There are a variety of different costume ideas that Mexican people can use to celebrate the Day of the Dead; however, this article is aimed at showing you the best possible ones.

Some of these costumes can be made in the comfort of your own home, others can be bought at costume stores and online retailers, and others can even be a mixture of both of these options.

Most of the Day of the Dead costume ideas involve colorful and satirical impersonations of dead people, whether you are a man or a woman dressing up. Some of the ideas for these costumes are can be found below.

Use A LOT Of Face Makeup

You will need to get your hands on a ton of face makeup, whether you’re buying a costume from an online retailer or simply making one of your own. The costumes that you buy from stores and shops will include all of the clothes and accessories that you will need to make your Day of the Dead costume happen; however, you will have to design and put on the face makeup by yourself!

Mexican makeup artists tend to paint the majority of the face white when preparing for the Day of the Dead celebration. Then they usually use vibrantly colored face makeup to paint on skull-like features that make the person look like they are dead!

Face painting is only half of the battle...the other half involves finding the actually clothing for the costume. Take a look at the costumes on Amazon to get your hands on an “all in one” package for this Mexican celebration!

Incorporate Some Red Flowers

The simple matter of fact is that all of the Day of the Dead costume ideas include some flowers! I have seen amazing costumes with a single flower, and some fantastic ones with over 100 flowers...the main point is that you should definitely incorporate them in a tasteful manner.

You can:

-Clip a fake flower in your hair

-Glue flowers onto various spots throughout your costume

-Carry a red flower around with you while you are wearing the costume

-Place a flower in your pocket so that the petals hang out

The one tip that I can give you is to make sure that you are tastefully incorporating the flowers. The last thing that you want is for the red flowers to completely ruin the “dead” look that you had going on! The flowers are used a sign of mourning, so you can even let them dry out for a few days before including them into your costume.

Acting Happy Will Take Your Costume To The Next Level

Putting one of the best Day of the Dead costumes is only half of the battle...the other half lies within the way that you act while wearing the costume.

A natural instinct is to act sad while thinking about the passing of someone that you loved; however, the Mexican people place focus on acting happy and satirical throughout this 2 day celebration.

I would recommend getting all of your mourning out before the celebration takes place, so that you will not feel like crying while you are talking and thinking about the friends and family members that have passed on. Day of the Dead makeup artists tend to paint happy faces onto people when they are working on their costumes because the general emotion of the festival is happiness! After all, it is a celebration, so you should definitely feel, or at least act, happy!

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There are literally hundreds of Day of the Dead costume ideas that you can execute, whether you’re a man or a woman; however, there are only a handful of these that will attract a lot of attention and comments. These ideas are definitely meant for people that enjoy the attention because there is no doubt that you will be talked about when you are wearing one of these costumes.

With that being said, I would definitely recommend getting the clothing portion of your costume from an online retailer; you may have hundreds of clothes in your closet, but very few of them will allow you to look dead. Take control of the makeup portion of the costume because it allows for a lot of customization to be done. Paint the background of your face white and incorporate some skull-like artwork, and you will be well on your way to having one of the best costumes for the Day of the Dead celebration!