The city of Palmdale, CA is a scenic desert town that has plenty of sights and attractions to offer. From aviation museums, music and food festivals to natural parks and wonders, Palmdale presents fun for the family whether they live in the city or are just staying there while on vacation at one of the many well-appointed Palmdale hotels in the vicinity. However, there are many great attractions to take advantage of while in the city of Palmdale that is just a short drive away. While staying in area Palmdale hotels, make sure to also check out other fun places to see nearby. Here are some ideas for day trips from Palmdale.

Aviation enthusiasts already love the desert city because of its air force bases and airplane museums. Take a day trip out to the neighboring Edwards Air Force Base to learn about the history of planes in relation to the United States Military and learn about how aviation is still a big part of the area and its history. Fans of every age can even see military jets and planes still hovering over the city in training mode.

Nature enthusiasts also love Palmdale for their outdoor attractions, such as hiking, camping, sporting events and other alfresco things to do. State parks are abundant in all directions and are ideal for a day of hiking, nature watching and picnicking. Speak to a concierge at the Palmdale hotels for the best places to see while outdoors.

Los Angeles is also another perfect destination for a day trip from Palmdale. The city is just about an hour or two away, depending on traffic, and is brimful of exciting sights and sounds. To find a Palmdale motel look on line. Making a day out of exploring Hollywood and the Sunset Strip will be exciting and the hustle and bustle and chance to see a real celebrity in person is always a plus. Don't forget to check out the infamous Venice Beach, which is a few miles down the 405 and Santa Monica for its hot bodies and great outdoors shopping. Malibu is another luxury beach town near Los Angeles that is known for its oceanfront real estate and great dining. Disneyland and Universal Studios are famous amusement parks that are also near Los Angeles and would make for a great way to spend the day with family and friends.

The Mountain High Ski Resort is another great day trip destination, especially in the winter months. Adventure seekers make the drive to the mountains to practice their skills on the snow with snowboards or skis and many sports enthusiasts convene to the mountain to watch exciting tournaments of the area's best athletes. Lessons are available to those new snow bunnies who have never been on the slopes before and children of all ages who are ready to take on the challenge. It's definitely a dramatic change from warm desert climates to cold, snowy mountains so be prepared with the right clothing and sporting gear. Whatever the personal interest is, there are many attractions near and around the city of Palmdale.