Los Dias de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, is a holiday that at first was a ritual when the Aztecs populated in what is now Mexico. It was transformed quite a bit to be a more Christianized celebration by Spaniards. The festival for it is listed as one of the world's most popular.

On this webpage, holidays.net/halloween/muertos.htm, it states that people dress up as ghouls, ghosts, mummies, and skeleton when they are in a parade procession. The people in the parade carry an open coffin. As that is happening, the "corpse" in the parade smiles as it is carried around the streets around town. The vendors throw oranges inside the coffin as the procession go walk by their markets. The so-called lucky corpses also may have candy, flowers, and other fruits thrown at it. Lastly, there is an article that has fascinating information about the Day of the Dead Holiday.

If you're interested in buying a kit for people, especially children, to create their own mask for Day of the Dead, then take a look at Masks: Curiosity Kits Day of the Dead Masks. This kit is appropriate for anyone who is at least 6-years-old. The box that has the kit inside only has two black masks to create. Individuals are supposed to etch the black top layer to reveal buoyant colors. Also, the box has gems, gold and silver glitter to add some sparkling design to the mask. There is also an exclusive collector card included. I wonder what kind of a picture involving Day of the Dead the collector card would have. The box also has a label stating WARNING. CHOKING HAZARD. Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

If you want to see more images of masks, just go to destination360.com/north-america/mexico/dead-masks. On that page, you will see five masks in one image. They all have the same illustration showing such huge teeth. Yes, they are all colored differently.

There is another mask to look at. Someone is selling a Day of the Dead mask on Etsy.com. The mask looks good as it was painted by an artist. The URL for it is: etsy.com/listing/30190703/day-of-the-dead-mask-with-eye

I fortunately came across a webpage, thriftyfun.com/tf24630777.tip.html, that has directions to make Day of the Dead masks. Whenever children are creating these types of masks, it can make them feel more joyous as they get to have fun and learn about a Mexican traditional ritual. First, find a slot that will give you about one hour to complete a mask. The webpage on the thriftyfun website has an 8-item bulleted list. Gather these supplies and bring them to your workstation: crayons and markers, glue, mask template copies, one-hole punch, painter's tape, paper plates, ribbon, and scissors.

This webpage - parenting.leehansen.com/holidays/dia-de-los-muertos/index.shtml - has a Day of the Dead mask template that you can color on. After coloring it, you cut out the colored portions and glue them onto a paper plate. Of course you can't see through the plate, so the next task is to cut out the holes for the eyes to see the surrounding.

To be able to wear a mask, you first need to cut out two holes on a plate at ear-level of the artwork. Next, thread ribbon lengths through both holes and tie it up with knots at each end. Remember the ribbon should be long enough so the mask will be able to be worn com

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