The same questions will undoubtedly arise on your next visit to Thailand’s city of angels - what to see in Bangkok? What to do in Bangkok?  


Once you have seen the Chao Phraya River, the mega malls and the most famous Bangkok temples – the Grand Palace and Wat Arun - you might be looking for something a little bit different. Or perhaps this is not your first Bangkok trip and you’ve already seen all the usual sights.


For a couple of new places to see in Bangkok, head out of the main tourist area for a relaxing day trip to the Ancient City and/or the Crocodile Farm and Zoo. Both places are located in Samut Prakan – just an hour or so from Bangkok (depending on traffic) – within short driving distance from each other, making them the perfect for a day-trip of sightseeing.


Samut Prakan Crocodie Farm and ZooBangkok Crocodile FarmCredit:


Start your morning with a trip to the world's largest crocodile farm. It boasts more than 60,000 crocs and an amazing crocodile wrestling show, which has to be seen to be believed. Crocodile trainers wrestle with giant crocs every hour from 9:00am, dragging them about the place and even putting their arms and heads inside the jaws of these normally fierce creatures.


Carrying on the crocodile theme, you simply cannot spend a day here without going crocodile fishing.  Load up your bamboo rod with whole chicken carcasses and cast it into the grimy depths of green. Before long, the crocs below will surprise and amaze as they leap meters into the air to accept the bait.


Also of note is the crocodile park’s fascinating “encyclopaedia of crocodiles”, where you can see a range of quirky crocs including milk/white/dark chocolate crocs, crocs with no tails, a hunchback crocodile and crocs with extra or missing limbs.


Although it’s a little run down, this place is great for kids and while crocodiles feature fairly prominently (hence the name) this is a zoo, too, with loads of other animals to see. Don’t miss the elephant show and give the giant animals bananas and/or money.


Grab a snack from one of the many vendors around the park to tide you over, but save your main meal for the ancient city.


Siam City, Bangkok


Ancient City BangkokCredit: www.manversusworld.comSiam City, or Ancient Siam, is a huge open-air museum where you will find scaled down and actual-size replicas of important Thai historical and cultural sites.


Placed strategically around a park the shape of Thailand, you can either hire bicycles to tour these replicas or go around by car – if you’re fortunate enough to have an automobile handy. The park is a tad too big for walking; besides who would want to spend a day walking in the hot Thai sun when they can ride?


Inside the park you will find a floating market, calm waterways, beautiful gardens and a large number of historic replicas and ruins for you to explore.  The food stalls around the floating market offer an excellent chance to relax in the shade and fill up on delicious papaya salad, noodle soup, fried chicken, sticky rice and iced coffee to name but a few choices.


Siam City never feels busy and offers a serene, calm and relaxing experience with, thankfully, lots of pleasant stops for refreshments around the park.  The view from the man-made hill is worth the steep climb and it’s great to see the skills and craftsmanship required to construct such ancient architecture – albeit in smaller form – preserved. 


If you are looking for an interesting day out and a couple of different places to visit in Bangkok after you have seen the main sites, definitely check these out.    Ancient City Bangkok(99216)Credit:


How to get there:

A taxi from Bangkok is probably the best bet for air-conditioned comfort and making sure you end up in the right place. Nevertheless, if you’re feeling brave you can also catch a local bus to Samut Prakan and then a songtaew to both these attractions.


Entry prices:

400 baht for Siam City + 50 baht bike hire

300 baht for the Crocodile Farm