Using a daybed is a good alternative to a sofa-bed for saving space, especially in a bachelor pad or the basement den. It serves as a couch when you are not sleeping or when you are entertaining guests, and you can sleep on it at night. However, choosing the bedding to suit your daybed needs some thought. For one thing, the daybed bedding needs to give the feel of a bed at night and it needs to give the feel of a couch in the daytime. After all, how many of your guests want to sit and chit-chat on your bed? Once past your teenage years, not too many, I bet.

Let us look at choosing daybed bedding from three different points of view - ease of maintenance, looks and feel. Most people probably prefer bedding that is long lasting and easy to care for. Most such daybed bedding is made from synthetic materials. The advantages are that high quality synthetic fiber and cloth lasts longer and resists stains better than natural materials. They can also be washed in your washing machine, which is cheaper and more convenient than sending them to the dry-cleaner.

The daybed bedding you choose also needs to feel comfortable regardless of what you are wearing when you sit on the daybed or when you sleep in it. There are daybed bedding with sequins and beads which look good but do not feel comfortable when you are wearing shorts. This is one major reason why you should not buy daybed bedding online. Just because the design looks good in the pictures does not mean the bedding is comfortable. For you to know whether or not the daybed bedding is comfortable, you need to be able to touch and feel it. Just knowing that the bedding is made from cotton or linen or whatever material is not enough to make a good decision.

The way your daybed bedding looks is also important. It may not matter if you are a bachelor who never receives visitors, but if you entertain guests it could be embarrassing to have out-of-style or worn-out bedding. The daybed bedding needs to fit both the look of the room as well as the style of the daybed itself. To take an extreme example, bedding with flowery prints does not suit a room decorated in a modern style with lots of monochrome. Similarly, daybed bedding in dark colors and fabrics like velvets do not suit a room decorated with a light and airy feel.

Another point to consider is whether or not you store anything under your daybed. Do you need easy access to your stuff and for cleaning, or do you prefer to hide what is under your daybed from visiting guests? If you need easy access, you should choose daybed bedding that has only a short skirt or that does not have a skirt at all. If you feel that revealing your storage boxes and stuff hidden under your daybed is embarrassing, then you should buy daybed bedding that has a long skirt reaching down to the ground.

To many people, price is also an important factor when buying daybed bedding. Not everyone needs the latest design, especially families who only have overnight guests once in a while. If that is the case, it pays to be patient and wait for the new bedding design to go out of style. If you wait until the retailer needs to clear their old stock, you can often find some good discounts. Instead of paying $150 to $300 for the latest style of bedding, you could save 50% or more just by buying daybed bedding that is last year or last season's style.

Buying daybed bedding should not be done casually. You want to choose bedding that is easy to clean and maintain, feels comfortable for sitting and sleeping, and looks good and fits the decoration of the room. And if you are like most people, you also want a good deal on your bedding.