Every day of the week has a ruling planet which also corresponds to a particular number in the Numerology system. Apart from the ruling number every individual also displays characteristics of the ruling planet of the day he is born. For instance a person born on Sunday acquires characteristics of the Sun which is the ruling planet of Sunday and also qualities of his ruling number.

Sunday: The Ruling Planet of Sunday is Sun. The number representing Sun is 1.

Monday: The Ruling Planet of Monday is Moon and Planet Neptune. The numbers representing these Planets are 2 and 7. The characteristics of Uranus are similar to that of the Moon.

Tuesday: The Ruling Planet of Tuesday is Planet Mars. The number representing this Planet is number nine.

Wednesday: The Ruling Planet of Wednesday is Planet Mercury. The number representing Mercury is number five.

Thursday: The Ruling Planet of Thursday is Planet Jupiter. The number representing Jupiter is number three.

Friday: The Ruling Planet of Friday is Planet Venus. The number representing Venus is number six.

Saturday: The Ruling Planet of Saturday is Planet Saturn and Uranus. The numbers representing these planets are 8 and 4. The characteristics of Uranus are the same as that of Saturn.