Daytona Beach, Florida is a famous and eternally popular vacation destination that has people coming back time and time again. Every year, thousands of visitors flock here to enjoy the famous Daytona International Speedway, beach or to attend bike week. While the city hosts it's attractions for both the rowdy youth and families, visiting couples won't want for a better romantic getaway either. For the visiting couple in Daytona Beach, Florida looking to have an intimate getaway, here are some ways to whittle away the time.

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Tour Daytona Beach

No matter what brings visitors to Daytona, most of their free time is spent down by their world famous beach. It is a true treat for the significant other who enjoys long walks - or drives - on the sand any time of the day. Visitors can walk the longest pier on the East Coast, which also happens to be one of the oldest landmarks in the city, before taking to the sand. Daytona Beach is a drive on beach (except during sea turtle nesting season) so lovers can walk the sand or drive down it at sunset to enjoy the beautiful scenery. For those that require more than an intimate walk through the waves, the water temperature is mild year-round, making Daytona Beach perfect for swimming, parasailing, surfing and snorkeling. The social couples will want to stick around after sunset; there is always some kind of party happening down on the sand.

Indulge in Pampering Spa Treatments

Due to some strange, unwritten law, beaches and spas always seem to be birds of a feather. With Daytona Beach's fame, it has attracted some truly stunning spa facilities near its sands such as independent operators like New Age Touch and resort owned establishments like The Shores.

The Shores Resort and Spa is renowned for their special Indonesian and Thai spa treatments. Visitors should be sure to try their seaside salt glow or the Balinese or Thai massages. However, couples will want to take advantage of their Bliss Couples Spa package that includes an 80-minute couple's massage in a romantic setting as well as a candlelit soak in a bath of sea salt and rose petals.

Alternatively, the New Age Touch spa takes a more Nordic approach to their spa treatments. Visitors should give their bamboo fusion or Swedish massage, often hailed the best in town, a try. Their couple's massages are custom tailored to what each individual needs. Guests choose from a wide variety of essential oils to get the most benefit from their massage and the massage therapists will utilize every massage technique to assure that couples both look and feel good for each other.

Dance the Night Away

The nightlife scene isn't just an attraction for the young and the restless. Couples can dance and drink the night away at any number of Daytona Beach nightclubs including those that feature modern club and trance music, Reggae or salsa dancing. Lovers should visit the Daytona institution of Razzles Nightclub. This eternally packed nightclub is one of Daytona's best nightlife attractions. Visitors can enjoy modern club music on the dance floor or a drink at the bar, providing they can flag down a bartender. However, this club fills up fast, especially on the weekends; couples will want to arrive early to assure they get in.

For a more relaxed, but fun nightclub experience, the Live Reggae nightclub with its on-the-nose name runs right on the shores of Daytona Beach. Visitors can kick back at a table, enjoy some fine music and enjoy their fresh seafood menu in their Caribbean-style setting.

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Embrace in Terror

It's not uncommon to see lover's cuddles up in each other's arm during a scary movie, and for many it is one of the best feelings in the world. However, scary movies today have really lost some of their knack to terrify viewers. For couples looking to get that feeling back, why not aim for something real? The Haunts of Daytona tour is one of Daytona Beach's most famous tours. Infamous for their actual ghost sightings by both their licensed paranormal investigators and their guests, the tour blends local history and ghost stories with scientific data. While the tour visits haunted houses steeped in dark history, the highlight of the tour is the Pinewood Cemetery where the bulk of their documented sightings have been. There are a lot of lost souls dwelling around this historic cemetery that hosts a number of pre-World War I graves. The Haunts of Daytona Tour will be sure to leave couples up all night unable to sleep. However will you pass the time?

A Place to Get Away

Everyone knows that the lion's share of any romantic getaway is spent in the hotel room. So those looking to please their significant other better pick a good one. The hotels of Daytona Beach make it easy for visiting couples by hosting romance packages for their suites. One such hotel is the Wyndham Ocean Walk. Located in the heart of Daytona, Wyndham Ocean Walk's romance package really makes it seem like those who book it brought their A-game. When couples walk in to their beautiful suites, they arrange for soft music to be playing on their custom stereo system. The suite features an oversized whirlpool tub, more than big enough for two, and a full kitchen. In the early evening, couples will be given a complimentary romantic appetizer and a bottle of wine will be chilling in the refrigerator upon arrival.