What a drip December was, but who is to blame?

Can I blame Google Panda for my most epic fail since I started. Even worse actually than my first months earnings in this writing lark? Probably in part, but this time I can truly see that I am the one to blame. I can hardly call myself lazy, as I chase after 4 children and have helped out more for my parents during December. I have also had 3 seperate nativities, 3 School Christmas parties and everything everyone else has to deal with during December.Your earnings do not give a hoot however as to what stopped you writing, only that you did not enter as much content as needed to get you paid. Lesson learned, good and hard this month, less excuses and more commitment to work.

Such a difference from November, is it the time of year or lack of effort that made my earnings plummet?

I don't quite know, as I was under the impression that the winter quarter heading towards Christmas should have been one of my best quarters, and yet it was the quarter before that gave me the best earnings. That was based on Webanswers however and Google slammed them a few months ago. I was so busy concentrating on them , that I added very little content here, and that is some advise I can pass on, make sure you are looking after the passive income as much as the immediate income. Webanswers still helps me get to payout quicker than my articles but because of it's algorythm for quality scores that give you your share in revenue, the minute you stop inputting a decent amount of time per day, the log of posts you have mean diddly squat. Don't be put off however,as it is a marvelous place to find inspiration for articles and is a great earner for those quick times that you need to fill, as you can do 10 minute stints inbetween doing other things. I have an article here on InfoBarrel about Webanswers if you want to know more. 

Whilst I had seen that only the first 3 weeks of December are good earning weeks by trend, I can not even say that they were any worse than the 4th. I failed to hit my targets and demotivated myself in the process. My targets were to write 31 points worth of articles, and I failed, writing only 19 points worth. That also meant I failed in my target to write enough to hit my goal of 50 articles. I just simply was not devoting enough time to work, so the whole month bombed, not just on InfoBarrel, but everywhere. I am not going to let this affect me however, as some guys here have hit over $100 a month for the last few months, and some of the big hitters have made it in to the $1000s. Yes, I am talking about you Jcmayar777. You inspire us all, and well done on all your efforts. As for my earnings, they are pitiful to say the least.

Adsense £13.28 (£1.57 from InfoBarrel).

Chitika £0.00. Big fat zilch!

Amazon £o.00.

How I have grown during my time at InfoBarrel.

I am by far anywhere near standard when it comes to the knowledge that some writers have on InfoBarrel, but I am a sponge and the knowledge that is shared, very kindly and generously by the Info Barrel community is THE BEST. There is no catty squabbles or preying on newcomers with the avid aggression that some sites have, there is merely a sense of belonging and welcome as soon as you make your presence known.

I have been taught how to link to my media pages, which Chezfat kindly wrote an article on How to Maximize your InfoBarrel earning. I urge you, if you are new, to come and read the fountain of knowledge that is in the InfoBarrel forum, as you will spend years learning the same in bits and bobs all over the internet otherwise.

My goals and aspirations for January.

Google has played a harsh lesson to those who had not yet established their presence, but there are those who are still earning a very good income from working and writing on the internet. I feel as though I have taken 3 steps back in my earnings, but my knowledge is ever growing and I was lucky enough to be warned very early on in the game, that these falls would happen, along with the peaks.

There are many aspects to earning on line and there is no point trying to worry about what advertisers are paying or how many hits you will get. What a writer needs to do is take control of what is in their power to modify, which in this case is how much content you write. So that is my main area of concentration for January. The children are back at school and the husband is back at work, so hopefully I will have more peace to write uninterrupted, apart from the 17 month old, and the 5 month old puppy, and the other two dogs, and the neighbours, and school runs. Only jesting, we all have plenty of distractions, but they can all wait, I am busy.

So for January I will make sure I gain  my 31 points, as I also wish to make sure I obtain at least a total of 50 articles, which is more than achievable with a current total of 34.

I also want to make sure that I have time to find some great Keywords and phrases, but I may not be lucky enough to find time with aiming for more articles.

I also want to be a larger part of the community, so will be reading and leaving more comments on articles, here at InfoBarrel.

One of my articles will hopefully be a projection of where I will be in 12 months time, as I feel this will make me accountable to myself.

I will also be making time to write articles on other sites, about InfoBarrel, as a recruitment drive.

So wish me luck and thank you for your support.