Road to recovery

Whilst my earnings are at around 1% of what I would be ecstatic with, they are on the up which always cheers me up.

During January I had a pitiful time with literally only an earning of 1 penny, slightly embarrassing but the best wake up call you can hope for. No chance in hell was I going to let that happen again if I could help it. I could help it, I just needed to keep writing, which I have done. The results are good, I earned what is still a pitiful amount but is going in the correct direction. No one said earning money online was easy, well they did but they were likely scamming you. I earned a great £1.38 in February, which I am happy with seeing as it takes approximately 6 months for articles to be working for you, most of mine do not hit that marker until at least April, so that is when I expect my articles to show me some love.

The £1.38 was all from adsense, oh, I forgot to add Chikita did give me $0.24. My earnings were better than that from all areas other wise I think I may have just put my virtual pen down. My total was

Google adsense £16.76

I signed up with Google adsense approximately this time last year, around the same time I joined WebanswersEven when I was brand new to all of the on line writing, I still earned over £19, which goes to show the damage Google Panda did to writer's earnnings.

Amazon £0.00 Still haven't conquered this giant but I will do. I at least got some more visits than normal, double in fact.

Chitika $0.24 

What work on line did I accomplish?

February was an absolute nightmare for obstructions regarding writing. My desktop is painfully slow and freezes regardless of running computer clean ups and defrags. It seriously is just too under powered, so for the sake of earning management I made the investment by purchasing a new laptop. As with a lot of things in life, this did not go totally to plan when the new laptop arrived and clearly did not work.

This meant that I had to arrange a replacement and wait. One my new laptop came I then had to get back to work and load all of my software on, as I use Microsoft Word, also needed normal software such as Ccleaner and security software. This doesn't take to long but still time out of writing. Any writer who has their flow broken will be able to explain how hard it is to get in to deep concentration mode again. I also use the SEO quake toolbar which I am still yet to upload to my new laptop.

This new lap top went on the plastic though, so that has placed more pressure to earn. I knew this when I purchased the laptop and was part of my new earning management idea. Invest in a tool that can give me more freedom to move to quieter parts of the house, I can work harder and more efficiently.

My baby son also doesn't battle to stand all over my laptop as he did my desktop and printer either, so I am less stressed and aggrevated with a laptop. Frame of mind is everything to a writer.

I had a fabulous month in regards to learning however. I realised that if I need to make a living income from working on line then I have to be willing to work for upfront pay as well as revenue. This was something that early on I really did not like the idea of, as I would prefer to keep all of the copyrights to myself, permanently. That is fine if this is just a hobby or for pocket money, but for a wage it can not sustain you with out upfront pay article work. At least this is true for the beginning of your on line career, that means the first couple of years. I don't get why people are impatient, after all if you went to work in a new office you would still be the new guy after 6 months, but on line writers seem to think that they should be paid their dues after less than a couple of weeks. That is what seperates the wheat from the chaff however, because those that are in for a quick buck usually leave after a couple of weeks, frustrated at the lack of income. Good writers and business minded people know that entrepreneurs have to sacrifice to accomplish. I could have been rich from the free hours I have put in to my on line business, even if I worked at Maccy D's. That is what is known as an investment though, so I am happy to do so. 

During the end of February a very kind guy called Sam Jones, a fellow InfoBarrel writer, friend and now boss has given me my first Upfront job and I hope I can please him with my efforts. Thank you Sam for giving me my first chance. Something others could do with thinking about, aevery one deserves to be given their first crack at the wheel.

Did I accomplish my February InfoBarrel goals?

I was on 41 articles when I started the month of February, wanting to complete February on at least my 50 articles, I am indeed now over the 50 articles and gained that accomplishment badge for doing so, another milestone hit. Although one article is dated March it was originally a February article that needed editing and playing around with. I will explain in the next part of what will be a very long article.

I there for accomplished the 31 points needed to attain maximum revenue from the competition, how I would love to be in the top 3 one month, let's wait til I am a bit more efficient before I try that one. Only just made it by staying up til past midnight on the last possible day for me to achieve the points needed. Writing 2000 words last thing is not good, I want my 31 points cleared by the middle of the month in March.

I have not added up my exact word cound for February but I know it was only about half of what I needed to reach another achievement of 50,000 words written. I will HAVE to achieve that this month in order to gain my 31 points, so that WILL be achieved during march InfoBarrel goals.

A goal that was sneakly achieved with out me paying any heed to it was my forum posts. I reached 500 forum posts, so see, I can be social, even if some of my articles proclaim I hate people, only the irritating and painful ones.

I failed my goal on Amazon, but still can't find myself writing the kind of product articles that are needed to produce an income from Amazon. I have written a couple of product articles such as Cheap portable Journey Gyminspired by one of my baby sisters who is a qualified Personal trainer.

What I have learned over February at InfoBarrel

Well I have learned quite a few lessons over the last month. Mainly that I have some really lovely friends and work colleuges . There is always someone who is willing to help you , something I really didn't think about when I started out over a year ago.

Dealing with Ad blockers

Ad blockers are words on an article that make Google's crawlers block their ads. That doesn't mean you have gone against their TOS just that some words have a confliction with the subject that you are writing about, such as the experience I had at the end of February. Hence why the article was republished in March, as not only did it pull up an Ad blocker but it was one of the articles I was desperate to get out to qualify for the 31 maximum revenue points. Whilst I understood a title and topic called 5 Ways you KNOW you were a bad girl is always going to be a little risque, isn't that what writing is about when you get the chance?

Obviously if you are going to be risque, you have to cut close but not go over the edge. I kept out all words that would break the TOS but did not think that there would be words that were allowed but would awaken the Ad blocker. Sounds like a physical being that has a mission to run around cyber space doesn't it?  

After the fact that a certain word combination was triggering the ad blocker, I edited my article and removed the word "teen" as it was suggested that may have a conflict with the subject matter. That was not enough and the ad blocker was still not having any of it.

I then removed the photograph and the word "alcohol", bingo, soon after the ads were back on. My instincts are telling me that it was the word "alcohol"  causing the ad blocker to take effect as the subject matter was regarding a younger age group.

Through this experience I feel I understand what I would need to look for again if I suddenly found my ads blocked out. You may have written it perfectly innocently, but remember the ad blocker crawler is not human it is software. That means it does not understand context.

My aims for March with InfoBarrel

1) I am to gain my 31 points at very least.

2) See myself in the top ten of the competition. I know there are 7 places that do not earn anything there but this is personal achievement.

3) Get my 50,000 word achievement.

4) I have achieved 430 comments, I want to gain my 500 comments achievement by the end of March.

5) I am still a part of the How to create 500 articles in one year challenge.

I also have goals that take me away from InfoBarrel, such as the new writing site Topicspotter. I also want to add more articles to Seekyt and hopefully Squidoo. I want this so I can diversify my income.