What an emotional month March was!

March was THE month I would have quit, if I was a quitter, which I am NOT, good job really. I mainly had a blip when I struggled to persuade loved ones that what I spend most of my time awake, was indeed going to be financially worth it in the end, failed, I was left feeling crushed and unmotivated. I swallowed my pride and asked my friends at InfoBarrel what I should do and that I was in desperate need of some motivation. Why? Because it gets to a point where only other writers will understand why you push past the fact that you are not earning anything because you are working towards a further goal.

There are of course two purposes for writers, one is to write for pleasure and that is all, they love sharing their knowledge and personal thoughts. The idea of earning money could not be further from their mind, unfortunately being slightly judgemental towards those who are the second kind of writer, those who may also and usually do have a passion for writing, but who however can not afford to do it for free. These kind of writer's( me included) have to learn how to write for the internet. That is the difference between those who break records in their earnings with the ones who may be much much more popular with their peers, but will not be getting rich any time soon.

Live and learn

If you just put your head down and don't take any attention of what your fellow writers are advising you, when you can blatantly see they are doing well, then you will fail. You need to have your ear to the ground for any changes and also be forever learning, something even the big guns often have to carry on doing. 

Whilst doing this I decided that whilst I may wish to write for my passion, I don't want to die a " starving artist" as Oneclicklearning inspired me to think of every time I think of how I have to write  to earn money, compared with how I want to write.

I have sorted out this dilemma and realised that if I am no longer willing to put my pen name's reputation as a serious writer on the line, then I will have to write my marketing material under an alias. I will not be able to state how this has gone until my next earning report in May.

So what did I do different in March to any other month on InfoBarrel?

Well, I learned a long long time ago that I am easily distracted. I log on to my work Facebook account to share an article or check my messages and bam, I am suddenly logging in to my private Facebook account and swallowing up an hour of writing time that I did not own to waste in the first place. To stop this happening, I only log in to my social account when I first get up, this is only because if there is something important with school, one of my friends will have put it on there. Many times I have saved my weary legs from going to school if they are closed because of a burst pipe etc, all because it was put on Facebook. If you are going to do this however, never ever make your presence known. I always have my chat set to "offline" and am never stupid enough to post anything on there, as it comes up in everyone's time line, so either you will have them trying to engage you in conversation or worse still, they will know you are in and will come round assuming that if you are on Facebook, you have nothing better to do and are available to socialize. That my friends, is a killer for your Self employed business, possibly your marriage also. You will end up writing until 1 am in the morning trying to catch up on writing that you should have been doing during the day. Be strict and limit your time on social networks unless it is related to networking for work or back linking for your writing.

187% Increase in Adsense earnings at InfoBarrel in March

Yes, that is correct, I have 187% increase on earnings here at InfoBarrel, even though that still only brings my monthly earnings at InfoBarrel to a not so staggering £2.59 with Adsense. Lesson learned for March, either change or sink. I will be changing my strategy for writing during April and will also be concentrating on Affiliates much more than Adsense. This is thanks to some great support from a writer and friend here at InfoBarrel Skeffling, she has some great resources collected herself and also written some, one such helpful article is her earnings update for February/March. If this change happens to also bring in extra Adsense I certainly will not complain.

Also from looking at the age of all my previous articles, and from predictions, I am hoping that a good handful of articles will mature this month and increase my income naturally.

My achievement regarding my aims and goals from my February earnings report at InfoBarrel.

Well, I always want my 31 points of articles, for maximum revenue share. That will always be one of my monthly targets. I did indeed succeed with this target for InfoBarrel during March. I failed miserably to gain a top ten position, not surprising due to the lack of motivation half way through the month, the warm weather also stealing more writing time as the garden needed tending to. I finished in the top 30 however, so not so bad.

My InfoBarrel achievement targets to get my 50 k word accomplishment and my 500 comments award were met quite naturally. I like this fact because the achievements whilst having no monetary value here on InfoBarrel, are aimed at natural growth, so if you are networking and writing a good amount of word count, the law of averages with see that you do quite well financially.

I am still a member of the 500 Challenge, yet with only 30 articles out of 500 I better put some graft in to move those figures up even more.

My InfoBarrel targets for April

1) I will achieve my 31 points, before the first 7 days of April are out, anything else will then be a brilliant bonus, but will leave 3 weeks of the month where I am not in panic mode. It is also the pace I need to keep if I am going to achieve other targets, such as the 500 challenge.

2) I would like to achieve the 100k wordage, whether this would be combined with my alias as well as this account I am unsure but I would like it to be for this account.

3) I want to get a few Freelancing jobs, so if any one wants any articles writing, please feel free to give me a private message. I write at a rate of 2p per word, averaging a 500 word article at £10. 

4) I will only have 2 late nights of writing a week, for 5 nights a week I will get to bed for 10.30. Yes I sound crazy if you are new to writing, but the well set writers will fully understand why I have placed this as one of my targets.


I hope InfoBarrel and your other ventures do well for all of you also, and I thank you all for your great suport and friendship over the last year. InfoBarrel truly is the place to be for a suportive atmosphere whilst having a highly professional platform.