Failing to hit target is not failure!

Ddraig's InfoBarrel report for April

I tried to do my two challenges this month but I fell short on both. This does not mean I have failed, failure is not even bothering to try in the first place. That isn't an excuse for me, it is a message to everyone just starting out, don't get demotivated through not hitting goals, learn to blast them the month after. Think hard about WHY you failed your objectives and overcome, don't sit there depressed. I know that the obstacle in my way are my children, so I have sold them to a local circus, going to blast articles out this month now!

Obstacles to earning money on line

  • Your family, the children want you to do things all the time, you are after all just sat on your laptop or computer. 90% of the population only do that for leisure. Reiterate that you are working, or better still find your own work area.
  • Neighbors and friends will try and distract you for the same reason as your family, if you are at home you can't be doing anything right? Wrong, put them straight at the beginning because they ARE costing you money.
  • Money, lack of money anyway is an obstacle. You will come to a point where you realise that it is good if you have got cash to invest in your business and outsource some work. Your business will grow faster if you can outsource, although make sure you outsource to a reliable source so you do not have to edit and check every single word or you will have lost that time gain.

I must admit that I have let all of these obstacles obstruct me this month, to be honest I don't remember much of April other than we came out of March, this year is going scarily fast with out the outcomes I am wanting as yet. This just reiterates that I must do what I CAN control which is the number and quality of my articles. I must learn to concentrate and not wander to Facebook all the time ( like I just did then!).

Challenge yourself

Don't be scared to challenge yourself and fail, it is a character builder and you should learn from it. I myself have two challenges current, the first is one that will last all year and is to write 500 articles over the internet during January 30th 2012 until January 30th 2013. I know I am failing that challenge at the moment as I currently have only 45 articles out of the 500, I should be up to 125 out of 500. I am also doing Mike's challenge and I challenged myself to reach the target of 100 articles here on InfoBarrel, which as you can see by my profile at the time of writing this, I have not reached. I owe Mike an article to sum up this challenge, so I would like to push and see how many days I over run my own challenge so that I can place that on the article for Mike. For people who don't know who I am speaking of, I am talking of an invaluable member of InfoBarrel called Mcimicata .

One of my articles got featured

Not sure if I should put this on this month's or next month's report but the article that got featured 1st May(today) was written during April so I guess I will write it in this months. I wrote an article about 10 deadliest animals alive in the last few days of April. This is my first ever featured article so I am on a major buzz at the moment. If you have not been lucky enough to have a featured article then I really hope you do soon.

To those of you who are new, to submit an article for a chance to get it featured the month after, go up to the tabs at the top of your page and you will see "submit a feature", when you click on that you will see drop down boxes that will contain the list of subjects that the admin of InfoBarrel are wanting for the next months calendar. Only articles you write in that month may be put forward for the editorial calendar. You don't have to stress working that out, all you do is select the second drop down box and you will be shown the  articles that qualify for submission.

My favourite article of April

I know most would think I would say it was my featured article that would be my favourite but it is not. My favourite article was one that meant a lot more to me, Blame the Deed, not the Breed is a Message not getting Through. I love my Bull Breeds but even if I did not, what those and other dogs go through because of human beings is despicable, then we have the audacity to blame the dogs. There is a very heart rendering Youtube video at the end of the article that is worth watching as it is about dog fighting and protecting those dogs.

My earnings for April

Down to the nitty gritty, something nearly every writer that writes for a living wants to know, how much did all this effort get me? Not much is the answer, April wasn't the month I melted my Adsense account.

I finished April with 73 articles on InfoBarrel, earning £2.08 on Adsense on 1545 views( 135 less than March). 19 views but no purchased on Amazon and $0.34 on Chitika.

Luckily I still had a few pennies from Webanswers, Hubpages and Seekyt but the whole total was only £8. 74, my worst total yet. When I started earning money on line with adsense I still made £19 even with no library of articles. Recession has made the pot shrink and the competition more fierce, I can't wait for the economy to lift so that people who want to earn from writing on line out of choice can actually make a decent living.

Did I achieve the goals I set for myself for April?

Not quite, I promised myself that I would get my 31 points worth of articles in the first week and get it out of the way. I did not get that many points until the last week in April. Still got them though so my revenue will be good to go in May.

I don't know how far away I am from my 100k word count but seeing as I have less than 100 articles and most are under 1000 words I know I have a way to go before I get there. Still going to try though.

I also did not get any Freelance work but to be fair was so busy I did not have time to go looking for work either. I did sign up to Fivesquids but have not had work from them yet.

I have however set up my own website and gained help from some of my lovely writer friends here on Info Barrel, love you all for the support I received.

I sold my first item on Squidoo with Amazon so would like to add a few more articles there at some point, although with my challenge here I think that may have to wait til June.

My goals for May

I most definitely want to achieve my 100 articles this month so of course will achieve my 31 points.

I want to do some work on my own website.

I will also make my comment total up to 700 as socializing is as important as writing.

I will also do what any article writer that is trying to eek out a living should do, I will take some time to absorb knowledge and develop myself as a writer.