Ddraig's October

So October was my seventh month being with Info Barrel. I had not taken seriously at all until the end of September, and I do feel that I put more effort in to Info Barrel in the month of October. That is not to say that I saw it as a joke, but rather I did not dare put my heart and soul in the site until I knew exactly how I was going to progress.

During October I was starting to settle down slightly, children back at school and I was mentally stealing five minutes before I have to prepare my household for all the chaos that is Christmas, yes I know, Bah humbug. I love life with my family but some days the " slow down" button would be nice.

I have had a chest infection and very bad flu bug, but I could have managed that if it was not for the complications it caused. Not for me personally, but my parents need me right now. My step father has throat cancer and is post operation and having daily radiotherapy and weekly chemotherapy. He is half way through a seven week treatment, and for the last few weeks I have not been able to go near him. For people that have been lucky enough never to deal with cancer, this is because if I make him ill, and his white cell count is not right, they will not give him his treatment. How could I live with myself if that happened. So I have had to keep away at a time when they need me the most. I have obviously kept in touch with the phone, but I am only 3 miles down the road, so that feels a bit paltry. That is my next task, is to go and get the flu vaccine and that way I know I have some sort of protection, and then I can do my share of caring for him, giving my mother a much needed break.

So as you can imagine, I have not always had a clear mind to write, but funnily enough in October, I wrote the most articles. Maybe with all the personal stuff I needed another focus. Not that I wrote that many articles, but it is going in the right direction. In total I published 12 articles in October, with 3 of them being outsourced and edited by myself.

Yes, I am starting to look at this writing as a career and as MY business, it is almost a mental shift that you have after a while. Well, if you are trying to make a living on line it is, I am not speaking of the many lovely writers that I have come across on Info Barrel and Hubpages that write for pleasure only.

Outsourcing is not something I can afford at the moment, but wanted to see how it worked. I found an outsourcing company called Text Broker, and I sampled both direct and open sourced writers. Two articles I landed superbly with a writer named Tony and was more than happy with the outcome. I will be using him again when I have some more spare cash for expansion.

I also sampled the negative side of receiving an article in much need of editing. If I had been more confident on how to use Text Broker, I would have rejected the article completely. As it was, I accepted it with out truly reading the article, that was in broken English and was missing some information. I also only paid for half of the wordage, and used the basic article to flesh it out with better SEO, facts and better English. It is become more apparent to me who the native English users are, and those that either use the translators are just bad at writing in English as a second language. Kudos to them for trying, but "not on my time, dude!".

I used Chitika for the first time this month and also Click bank. Chitika has earned me precisely $0.09, and Click bank to be fair has not had the chance, because I have not really been concentrating on my Blogger account this month.

So as it stands as an overall earning total for October, across the board was,


Adsense revenue; £34.72. ( £1.82 from InfoBarrel).

Chitika; $0.09

Amazon; Big fat zero. Yet to break into Amazon earnings.

My biggest earner is still Webanswers, which is scary because it is slowly sliding down Google's rankings. I am looking forward to the day when my articles are earning me more, as InfoBarrel is a much more stable foothold.

InfoBarrel is my second strongest place and thirdly is Hubpages that earned me a whole £0.02 in Adsense revenue.

So that is my October. I am learning more, reading more on the forum, thanks to JC, Soldier and all others who help with such informative information on SEO and other techniques.

November goals

I am suddenly seeing how helpful the editorial calender is, because even if you were not to enter or be featured, it is fabulous when you have writer's block. The editorial has one category and it sends you off on a spin off, keeping you extremely busy in research all month, well done to the fabulous InfoBarrel admin team for that helping hand.

So what are my targets this lovely cold month of November?

1) To write more articles than I did in October. I want at least 15- 20 articles published by my own hand.

2) To see my name in the first 50 of the contest board, as I am yet to be on the top 100. My own fault as I have only ever admitted a couple of articles.

3) To hit payout with Adsense, which for the UK is £60.

4) To break into Amazon sales at least one sale.

5) Take one day in November where I do no writing, apart from to take notes and study some more SEO and some other online optimization.


I would like to wish you all a fabulous November, and wish you all a prosperous one.