What a month January is!



Making money online by writing

Not for anything good, but my oh my, when people said it is the worst month for stats, they were not joking. I completely bombed on InfoBarrel during January, it was worse than December and I did not think it could get any worse. I did not earn more than a penny from Adsense, Amazon or Chitika, so that one is pretty easily summed up for my InfoBarrel earnings.

I did earn £17.41 from Adsense, but that was £16.44 from Webanswers, £0.79 through Webanswers referrals, £0.16 through Hubpages, and an errant penny from InfoBarrel and another from Seekyt. Who said earning money on line was meant to be quick though? When you end up with really low earnings, don't give up, push through, work harder. That is exactly what I plan on doing with the lovely Skeffling, CrystalNici and a few other members. We have set ourselves targets and are hopefully going to feel accountable to each other. If you wish to join and set yourself a goal, feel free to read the goal we are setting, in the forum. Most of us are aiming to write 500 articles by the end of January 2013. So that is 1 down, only 499 to go!

I managed to get 7 articles published in January, making my total 41 articles. Not what I had attained to achieve, as I wanted to hit the 50 articles mark during January. I am not cross with myself as I did add an article to Hubpages and 3 articles to Seekyt, so I would have been a lot closer to my target had I published all those articles here at InfoBarrel.

I am pleased with myself that every single one of those articles hit over the 1000 word target and gave me 35 points for the contest. Meaning I hit my top revenue percentage. That means I better earn something soon, as a high percentage of nothing, is still, nothing!

I know exactly what is wrong, it is that I did not get a move on with my articles in the beginning, so not many of my articles are mature, and most of them were not SEO optimized or LSI optimized. Most still aren't fabulously so, but it is improving. For any of you just starting on InfoBarrel or indeed starting to write, you will need to really get some content out there in the first 6 months, because if you take it at a slow pace at the beginning, you will take longer to have enough content maturing later on. This really makes a difference between what you will earn against someone else who has been at the writing for the same length of time as you but has really put the hours in.

Good bye then to January, as you irritated me beyond belief, and not just here at InfoBarrel. January was brutal across the board, but better than December.

What I want to happen in February

As stated, I stand at 41 articles, if I am to slowly succeed to hit my 500 plus target, I must write approximately 10 articles a week. That then, is my very strict target for February, to write at least 40 articles. A target made tighter in the shortest month of the year. There is a fabulously easy way for me to achieve this target, I just need to avoid my Facebook account like the plague. Facebook just has a bad habit of chewing your time for no reason whatsoever. Who really cares what people are having for dinner, but you just seem to be captivated.

I always aim for a target of 31 points worth of articles, as that is what all writers that are here for work should be attaining to, for maximum revenue share. I usually do this by making sure my articles are 1000 words plus, as they are then 5 points each. If I attain my target of 40 articles it won't matter as I will hit the 31 points whichever way I write. Don't worry if you are aiming for a 1000 word articles and are coming a few words short, as long as you go back and edit them at some point in the same month you will receive the extra points. The extra points do not getted added on if you edit them in a different month to the month you originally published the article however.

I have added up all the word counts on all my articles and I am just over 14,000 words short of hitting another achievement, that of writing 50,000 words, so that is another target I am aiming for.

I also wish to try and gain some revenue from Amazon this month, or at least write some articles that with gain me that in the near future, when they have gained authority. Adsense is fabulous for revenue sharing but it always works better when Amazon is part of your income.

Hopefully even with these targets I should start noticing some decent income with in the next 2 or 3 months. I am not getting hung up on the earnings too much, just write more and work harder. Now that the family season of Christmas is out the way, I am all InfoBarrel's, heart and soul.

I love being part of the team here at InfoBarrel, and I like the way that if you are not doing something to the best potential for you, the advice is there to help you tweak your work. There is information in the forum here that is the friendliest forum to exist on the internet to date. If you wish to know where to find tools that will help you promote your articles, then the InfoBarrel forum is the place to check and ask. I can say hand on heart that I am definitely part of the team, and I am starting to really get to know regular writers, with great appreciation that I do know them. Thank you for making this journey enjoyable people.