It is important to de-clutter and organize your house every once in a while.  There are probably things that you no longer use any more and they are just not necessary in the house.  There are proper ways for you to de-clutter and organize your house so you can use your time effectively.

It is a good idea to turn off your cell phone while cleaning your house.  Simply telling yourself that you won’t answer a phone call or respond to a text, may not be good enough.  If you hear your phone ring you will probably go check it and then decide if it is important enough to call them back or wait till later. You may even tell yourself that you can make that quick call and get back to work.  The truth is, time is valuable and that few minutes of talking on the phone adds up and can turn into more wasted time.  The same goes for the television and the computer.  Turn off your computer and close your laptop.  Also, turn off the television so you do not become distracted.  These can be time wasters without you even realizing it right away.

Focus on your goal and stay motivated.  Give yourself a time limit and tell yourself that you want to thoroughly clean this area by an approximate time.  We have all been there before when we are digging in our closets and find something we haven’t seen in a while and get distracted with that cool new item.  You can play with your new findings later, but for now it is important to focus on what you started.

Have a snack handy when you de-clutter and organize your house.  Walking around your house cleaning will probably make you both hungry and thirsty.  Have some water available and a bowl of some healthy crackers or fruit.  This will tie you over for now until you are done organizing and have time to make something more to eat.  Water is the healthiest choice as it will keep you fueled and going while keeping you hydrated as well.

Invite a friend over to keep you company, but make sure it is one that you know won’t distract you.  Want them before they come over of what your plans are.  You can ask them their opinion on what they think you should keep and what they think you should get rid of.  They will ask you when the last time you wore it and if you think you will wear it again.  Friends can be great motivators and helping you de-clutter and get rid of a lot of things that you simply do not need.

Remind yourself that when you are organizing your home and getting rid of the clutter, that many things you are getting rid of can be donated to help people in need.  Donate these items to a non profit organization.  You can even drop some clothes off at shelters after you clean out your closet.  Doing this will make you feel great!

Shelves, racks and drawers are a great way to keep things organized.  You can get a shoe rack to store your shoes on, and you can make keep things nice and tidy and organized by folding them and keeping them neat in your drawers on on shelves.  It is a much better place than storing them on the floor.  It is also important to only keep what you have room for.  Sure, you may love clothes and shoes, but if you don’t have a huge walk in closet where are you going to store everything?  It is crucial to only buy items that you have space for otherwise you will have to de-clutter quite a few times a year.

Organizing and de-cluttering your child’s room is probably the hardest room in the house because you may have to get rid of some of their toys.  If your children are young enough and wouldn’t notice some of the toys they never play with missing, then it is a good idea to organize when they are gone.  If your children are school aged, have them help you.  Ask them to pick out 5-10 toys that they no longer play with that they would like to give to children who don’t have any toys.  Chances are they are going to be willing to help.  Also, when you organize their room let them be involved by asking them where they think items should go.  This will make them feel included in the process.  

When you are organizing any room in the house make sure you group items that are similar together.  For an example, if you have a few extra drawers you want to store things in, in your kitchen have one be for mail or papers and another be for miscellaneous items.  Don’t allow your mail to be mixed in the drawers and to sit around your house.  The point of organization is to keep things looking neat.

When you are organizing your pantry be sure to check expiration dates of all your food.  Something in your pantry make look good, but until you check the bottom of the box or can, you may change your mind.  Get rid of anything that is old or you know your family won’t eat.  This may also be a good time to get rid of the junk food in your house and get your family to eat healthy.  When you organize your food in your pantry again make sure you group the items together.  Instead of throwing everything in together, put all of the vegetables on one shelf, the boxed noodles on another, etc.

By doing these simple things you can de-clutter and organize your house in no time.  The trick is to keeping it neat.  Make sure everyone in the family contributes and make it a house rule to put things back where they belong after they are done being used.

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