Comparison Review: Lattissima & Lattissima Plus

DeLonghi is an established manufacturer of domestic appliances which started operations with heaters and air conditioners. Their products became very popular due to the high quality that they have always maintained. They also make coffee machines which are highly customizable and versatile in its functions. 

The DeLonghi Lattissima and Lattissima Plus are two of their popular products. Both machines use Nespresso capsules to make espresso, cappuccino and latte. 

DeLonghi Lattissima Plus Machine

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Similarities Between the Models


The controls are the same although they have a different placement on the machines. There are controls to switch the machine on and off, get the appropriate cup sizes and for milk froth. On the Lattissima the buttons are placed on the front panel of the machine whereas it they can be seen on top of the machine in the Lattissima Plus. 

Espresso Chamber

Both machines have the brewing chamber with the lid on top. The hole for inserting the espresso capsule is in the same place in both the machines.

DeLonghi Lattissima Machine

Used Capsules

When you have brewed your cup of espresso you can dispose of the capsule by lifting the lid. The capsule automatically drops into the used capsule container which can be pulled out to discard the capsules and holds up to 12 capsules. It is the same in both the Lattissima and Lattissima Plus. 


Both machines have a milk container that is connected to the machine. The froth can be adjusted via a control that you can find on the milk container itself. The containers also have a self clean button so that they can be cleaned with a hot water rinse. 

Sliding Drip Tray

Both machines have a drip tray that can be pushed in to make more space to put a larger mug.

The Differences Between the DeLonghi Lattissima and Lattissima Plus

Features of the Original

The Lattissima can make excellent espresso with the use of capsules. The machine also has a milk frother attached to it. You can choose between large and small cup sizes and when it comes to cleaning you can remove the water tank and the milk container. 

Improvements Made with the Upgrade

The Lattissima Plus retains most of the great features of the Lattissima and also has some useful additional features which are given below:

Compact Size

First and foremost it is about 20% smaller than the Lattissima. This means that you can free up more space with the machine being so compact and you can place it anywhere on your counter top. 

Water Tank Placement

Another major difference is the placement of the water tank. In the previous version the tank was beneath the machine and the milk container had to be removed to take it out. This made it cumbersome since each time you wanted to refill water you had to go through the exercise of first removing the milk container, then taking out the water tank and filling it and then putting them back again. 

The new machine has been improved in this respect and has the water tank placed behind the machine. The tank can be opened by lifting a lid to refill water. If you would like to take out the water tank to clean it you can also remove it and wash it separately. 

Milk Container Cleaning

The milk container in the original moderl is bigger but is difficult to clean due to the rounded corners. The problem has been solved in the newer 'Plus' version as it has a redesigned container which is more compact and can be washed easily. 

If in case you are not using the milk container you can leave the space vacant on the machine and close the opening where the milk tank connects to the machine.

Mug Space

Though both machines have a provision to place a larger mug, the original model falls short of space because the extra space is very narrow. This problem has been dealt with in the Lat Plus because there is ample space to keep a large travel mug.

Auto Off

You can save energy and money in the long run by using the Lattissima Plus’s energy-saving with adjustable auto-off timer feature.

How To Brew with a DeLonghi Lattissima and Lattissima Plus

Making espresso with a DeLonghi Lattissima and Lattissima Plus is easy. Switch on the machine and insert the espresso capsule into the brewing chamber. Choose the size you prefer and then start the brewing process. If you would like latte, fill milk in the container and press the latte button. The frothed milk will pour into your mug first followed by the coffee giving you a delicious mug of latte.

Conclusion: Which Model is Best - Should I Buy a Lattissima or Lattissima Plus?

Both the Lattissima and Lattissima Plus are great coffee machines with a variety of features. If it comes to choosing between the two, the Lattissima Plus is more compact and easier to clean. Also, you can place travel mugs easily for your espresso in the Lattissima Plus whereas only mugs with a narrow base will fit in the Lattissima. If you would like a newer machine which offers more convenience go for the Lattissima Plus.

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