Cordless power tools are great, but they have the bad habit of needing electricity, which is not always available. And if you depend a lot on your cordless power tools for your work, you need to have a powerful battery back up. However, some batteries are better than others when it comes to the life of a charge.

18v batteries will make the difference between being satisfied with your cordless tool and being very disappointed. The 18-volt batteries are powerful and last quite a while. And 18v power tools can make the jobs much easier whether it be drilling holes or screwing nails right into the hull of your boat. So it really comes down to power.

With improved battery life and torque, portable power tools are a suitable option for nearly all drilling applications on any household or construction project. Portable power tools are continually improving as higher voltage lithium ion batteries are becoming available.

DeWalt spent countless hours on job sites across the world to learn about the applications you do on a daily basis and ensuring that the quality and performance meet or exceed buyer expectations. Some of their best 18v power drills include the DCD970KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch XRP Lithium-Ion Hammerdrill and DC725KA 18-Volt Heavy-Duty Cordless Compact Hammer Drill/Driver. We are going to look specifically at the DC720KA Heavy-Duty Cordless 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver.

The DC720KA Heavy-Duty Cordless 18-Volt Compact Drill/Driver can be one of the most versatile tools in your home improvement toolbox. A powerful high-performance DeWalt motor can handle a lot of power - 410 unit watts. It features a dual speed range from 0 - 500 at low and 0 - 1,700 rpm at high. This feature provides easy switching from the low speed range to a high-speed range. The DC720KA was designed deliver maximum performance and run time. DeWalt gives you high torque in first gear so you can drive large bits and sink big screws all day and world class speed in second gear for small holes, bolts and fasteners.

And if what you see on a job site does not convince you take a look inside. The difference is huge and worth the money (retails at regular price for $ $403.38). It starts with the powerful motor. DeWalt uses an optimized motor design dramatically that offers the competitive performance to address needs for increased energy efficiency. And then there is DeWalts's flat magnet design. DeWalt's magnets are over-molded to the magnet ring. Competitors' magnets are usually glued in. After enough drops, their magnets can come loose. And when a magnet comes loose it is a game over for your 18v cordless power drill.

It says a lot about the quality, performance, and durability of the DeWalt 18v drill when you consider that DeWalt's closer competitors are other DeWalt drills. The DC720KA includes white LED light to to illuminate the work surface and material and, thus, increase visibility. 17-position clutch setting provides maximum control for driving in all applications. The precision gear-tooth design and increased tooth count give you more accurate gear mesh and a better transfer of power with less friction.

Other relevant features include 1/2" ratcheting chuck which reduces bit slippage and lightweight design. This DeWalt 18v drill weighs only 4.8 pounds. It comes with two Li-Ion batteries, battery charger, and a durable and sturdy carry box.