Circular saws are one of the most common tools. After cordless power drills, they are the most common tool in a workshop. They are among the most versatile and widely used of all power saws. These useful power tools are available with cords or without cords. Although most circular saws are still corded power tools, more cordless circular saws are starting to come with a built in work light as well. These cordless power tools are available in various sizes, with all kinds of different features and options, and in a pretty wide price range.

DeWalt has different circular saws in their line of power tools like DW369CSK Heavy-Duty 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Circular Saw with High Strength Base and DW364 7-1/4-Inch Heavy Duty Circular Saw with Electric Brake and Rear Pivot Depth of Cut Adjustment. We are going to look specifically at the DW936 Cordless Circular 5 3/8" Trim Saw 18v.

The DW936 Cordless Circular 5 3/8" Trim Saw 18v is a durable, powerful, portable, sturdy, and versatile codless power tool designed to cut wood, plastic, and metal with its large spinning blade. The DW936 is a cordless power tool from the DeWalt 18-volt range. This innovative system of cordless power tools is precisely scaled to deliver the power, speed and torque required for professional applications. Carpentry jobs or other construction jobs that have been done for years by hand like cutting plywood or other lumber products now have a cordless solution. These tools are powered by 18v lithium ion batteries which offer longer run time, weigh less, and are friendlier to the environment.

This is a professional quality portable power tool. It has a wide range of features and is suitable for demanding carpentry applications, construction site jobs and a whole host of other tasks. This version is much lighter than the 24-volt version. This is a 6 1/2 inch circular power saw. The blade of the saw can be tilted up to 50 degrees. It is good for cutting thin materials like wood, laminate, plastic etc. You also want have much problems cutting slightly larger stock like sheets of plywood with it. But anything larger than that, you are going to need a heavier duty circular power saw than the DW936.

The DW936 is well built. It is also easy to adjust the blade depth. This DeWalt 18v cordless power tool comes with a cutting fence that you can use to make long ribs of the specific width. It has a trigger lock (help prevent accidentally switching the machine on) that has to be depressed before you squeeze the trigger and activate the power saw. This is a great safety feature that you will like.

It is powered by a lithium ion battery and it is perfect for professionals. But other DeWalt 18v cordless power tools have better battery life. But you usually have more than one battery so you can swap them. Also, you can swap them between all the different cordless power tools in the 18v line. When it comes to power, durability, speed and portability nothing beats the 18v lithium ion system from DeWalt.

This is a good tool to purchase if you are a professional carpenter, craftsman or contractor going to a remote job sites or other places where you need the convenience of light duty cutting without having to run an extension cord. But the DW936 DeWalt Circular Saw is not something you are going to purchase if you need to use saw for cutting hard materials. For that you will need a heavier duty corded version of this kind of saw. The DW036 has all the features of any corded version, but it is less powerful.

Other relevant features include depth adjustment screw, rip fence (which makes long straight cuts a pleasure), the Allen key (that is needed to change the blade), and bevel adjustment screw.