Electric power drills are an essential piece of kit for any handymen. Today cordless tools are more popular than corded drills. Cordless power drills are popular because they provide the freedom to work anywhere. Also, they are one of the most useful electric tools and they can be among the safest. And they are extremely safe to use. With the appropriate attachments portable power drills fasten bolts, drill holes, and drive screws.

Portable power drills have become more complex and the number of types and manufacturers available more varied. Today DeWalt is one of the leading manufacturers of power drills, both cordless and corded. DeWalt's line of power tools is famous worldwide. And the complete line of their power drills is available almost everywhere in the world.

DeWalt power drills such as DW235G Heavy-Duty 7.8 Amp 1/2-Inch Drill and DWD112 3/8-inch VSR Pistol Grip Drill with Keyless All-Metal Chuck 7.0 Amp can be used either for indoor or outdoor. We are going to look specifically at the DC759KA Heavy-Duty 18-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit and DC900KL 36-Volt 1/2-inch Lithium Ion Cordless Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit with NANO Technology.

The DeWalt DC759KA Heavy-Duty 18-Volt Ni-Cad 1/2-Inch Cordless Drill/Driver Kit is particularly useful because a good weight for processing and exploitation of the year. As it offers a wide range of features, it is an excellent cordless power tool for both amateurs and professionals. With this kit you get the drill driver, one-hour battery charger, two 18-volt lithium ion batteries, double-ended screwdriver bit, and a canvas carrying case.

This supreme cordless drill driver has been specially designed to provide you with optimum performance. Thanks to 18v lithium ion battery, this high-performance cordless tool allows prolonged periods of use with no drop in power. This machine will take any DeWalt 18v battery. This makes it highly versatile so it fits all different needs of different operators. It is ideal for a variety of high speed drilling and high torque screw driving applications. It gives you superior ergonomics, formidable performance, and great design as well as enhanced durability, strength, and improved balance in the hand. And the Li-Ion technology reduced weight and allows you to transport the DeWalt DC759KA easily.

This cordless power tool has a dual speed range of 0 – 500 rpm and 0 – 1,700 rpm (rotations per minute). This allows you to achieve the ideal drilling speed for a variety of applications. And combine the mighty frameless motor that delivers 380 unit watts of power, with only 4.8 pounds of weight and performance numbers begin take shape. Also, the transmission in the Dewalt DC759KA is designed to run quietly and smoothly. It is a trigger controlled variable speed drill. This power tool is a very nice little drill for the homeowner. And the compact design offers everything a handyman or a craftsman could need.

The DeWalt DC759KA 18v Drill Driver also features all metal planetary gears for increased durability, speed, torque, and power. Other relevant features include a bright LED work light that offers greater reliability even in rugged-service nighttime operations, 1/2 inch sleeve chuck that holds bits tightly and securely, and on board bit storage for added conveniencDeWalt 18v Cordless Drille, i.e. for quick access to screw-driving bit. Also, you can quickly and easily change the bit. So, unlike other power drills, you will actually like changing the bit on this tool.

It has a 17 position clutch setting which again works in both high (0 – 1,700 rpm) and low (0-500 rpm) speed settings. This feature enables you to screw-drive safely, easily, and accurately without damaging the surface of the material you are working on.

The DeWalt DC900KL 36-Volt 1/2-inch Lithium Ion Cordless Hammerdrill/Drill/Driver Kit with NANO Technology is extremely powerful. It has all the features and power professionals require. Packed 18 volts of power means this cordless hammer drill drive will do almost any job. It is incredibly accurate. You will also appreciate low noise output of the drill.

This machine is perfect for contractors. Anyone who has purchased the DC900KL can tell you that having it allows them to get through a variety of applications with no problem. The normal drilling mode enables you to cope with some of the hardest materials such as metal as well as with wood, man made boards, and concrete. When working on masonry such as brick or concrete pavers the hammer drilling mode provides fastest drilling speed. The Dewalt DC900KL is not so lightweight but it has a comfortable grip so that you experience less fatigue when using it for extended periods of time. It weighs 16.7 pounds.

Other relevant features of this great 18v DeWalt power drill include two variable speeds (0-to-450 rpm and 0-to-1,500 rpm), powerful motor that delivers 380 unit watts of power, and a 1/2-inch single sleeve keyless ratcheting chuck. All of these features guarantee industrial grade performance.

This outstanding cordless power tool kit comes with two 18-volt NANO Li-Ion batteries. The kit also includes one-hour universal charger (so that you can charge the batteries quickly and easily), double-ended screwdriver bit, and a heavy-duty kit box provides tool protection and accessory storage. There is no doubt that this is one of the best hammer drill drives available in the market.