Power planers are important power tools for carpenters, cabinetmaker, and DIY users. Power planers are often referred to as "thickness planers" and the top brand names are Makita and DeWalt.

Power planers can be cordless or corded. Battery-operated planers are a practical alternative for small-scale carpentry applications. But the lithium ion technology has increased the power and reliability of cordless power planers without significantly increasing the weight. Cordless planers are becoming more powerful and versatile. Cords are okay for your workshop, but cordless power planers are becoming more and more of a necessity in the field.

DeWalt has different power planer models in their line of corded power tools like DW734 Heavy Duty 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Benchtop Planer and DW735 DeWALT Heavy-Duty 13" Three Knife, Two Speed Thickness Planer. We are going to look specifically at the DW735 15 Amp 13-Inch Benchtop Planer and DW680K Heavy-Duty 7 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer.

Heavy-duty power planers are equipped with high-torque motors. The DW735 15 Amp 13-Inch Benchtop Planer is an excellent all-around performer. Its precision, cutting performance, and durability is impressive, resulting very smooth surfaces. The adjustable beveling fence can be easily adjusted over the whole surface of the table to any angle or bevel. This machine comes with a dust hose adaptor and a dust ejection chute.

The DE735's sturdy and rugged construction enables it to survive vibration, rough handling, endure extremes of temperature, and give trouble free use over prolonged periods. This is an accurate powerful, and loaded with useful features machine. It makes quick work out of a variety of carpentry tasks and other mechanical/electrical related tasks. It features easy to-change blades and precise cutting-depth adjustments. This is a great, no frills power planer for a fair price.

Other relevant features include 15.0 amp motor, 19 3/4-inch cast aluminum base, and a 2-speed gear box. This was a heavy-duty machine, with a weight of 100 pounds, and it measures 24 inches by 22 inches by 18.8 inches. It features the best combination of performance, durability, robustness, power, and price.

Hand power planers are referred to as "door planers." They are great for cabinet scribing, deck trimming, leveling edges etc. The DW680K Heavy-Duty 7 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer is an excellent finish planer and relatively inexpensive power tool. It features comfortable and it is considered to be one of the best all-around performers. The comfortable grip on the DeWalt DW680K makes it easier to push it over long distances without arm fatigue or wrist fatigue.

It has a powerful high-performance DeWalt 7 amp motor capable of 15,000 rpm operations. This motor is suitable for framing uses but too rough for finish carpentry. This DeWalt planer can easily power its way through wide stock at its maximum cutting depth.

Major complaint - there is no dust collection port. For outdoor carpentry applications, the option of connecting a power planer to a dust collection system is not important. But if you are working indoors, it is an important consideration. If it had dust collection port it would be the best all-around power planer.

The good balance comes from the DW680K's great front grip. Other relevant features include reversible and resharpable carbide blades and calibrated depth adjustment knob. It comes with a one year warranty so no need to worry.