There are tons of outfits that you can execute on Halloween, but the dead celebrity costume ideas seem to attract the most attention. The only stipulation is that there are literally thousands of dead celebrities that you can dress up as for Halloween. I am pretty sure that there are more deceased celebrities than living ones! This article is designed to outline the 4 best dead celebrity costumes that you can wear.

The greatest thing about these outfits is that they can be worn for any extraordinary occasion. You can dress up as a dead celebrity for Halloween, costume parties, and pretty much any other fun event!


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I have included a variety of celebrity costumes that will suit nearly anyone. With that being said, you will find one for you whether you are a girl or boy, adult or child, and regardless of your personality!

Women Can Wear A Marilyn Monroe CostumeMarilyn Monroe Costume With White Dress BlowingCredit:

Many people like wearing a Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume for two reasons:

1. It immediately commands the attention of the other people in the room

2. It is easily recognizable as being the famous singer

It is one of the easiest dead celebrity costumes to pull off on Halloween simply because it only involves wearing a white dress and some makeup.

Most Halloween costumes that are based on famous people involve wearing a complex outfit and a ton of makeup; however, dressing up in a Marilyn Monroe costume for Halloween simply involves throwing on a white dress and putting on some vibrant red lipstick!

Outdoor Fans Can Dress Up As Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter

Unfortunately, Steve Irwin died a tragic death aftSteve Irwin Costume With Fake SnakeCredit: Amazon.comer being stung by a sting ray. He was a well respected outdoorsman, and made an impact with his tv series “The Crocodile Hunter”. You can make your own do-it-yourself Crocodile Hunter costume with a few simple accessories from the costume shop.

You must:

-Wear a pair of cargo shorts and an outdoor shirt. A Steve Irwin Halloween costume should include a beige colored shirt and pair of shorts because those are the colors that the Crocodile Hunter generally wore.

-Head on over to your local Halloween costume shop and buy a safari hat and a pair of aviators! The reason that I have included these in the DIY Steve Irwin Halloween costume is simply because they were what he used to protect himself from the sun!

-To really make your crocodile hunter costume great you can also include a lasso or net. These are some of the tools that Steve Irwin used to catch animals, so they will really allow the others to know who you are dressing up as.

Feeling Adventurous? Try Wearing An Evil Kenevil OutfitDaredevil Costume-Evil KinevelCredit:

The one downside to wearing an Evil Kenevil costume is the fact that you pretty much must buy it from the is nearly impossible to create a homemade costume to represent this famous stunt man! Evil Kenevil’s outfit was a complex one piece white suit that had blue stripes with white stars throughout it. It also contained a short blue cape that blew in the wind as he soared through the air.

This is one of the best dead celebrity costume ideas for people that have outgoing personalities. Part of dressing up for Halloween involves acting like the character. Evil Kenevil had an outgoing personality, so his costume would suit people that act in the same way!

An Elvis Presley Halloween Costume Is Perfect For Fans Of His MElvis Presley Costume With Sunglasses And White SuitCredit: Amazon.comusic

Before you read through this description, you should head on over to Amazon, and check out the selection of Elvis costumes that they have available. Some of them are being sold for up to 55% off of their original price!

Elvis Presley was literally the king of funk, and was actually nicknamed “The King” because of his massive impact on the music industry. He sported slicked back hair and a popped collar, but that wasn’t what made him famous. It was his amazing voice that attracted all of the listeners!

As I stated before, you should try to match their personality before trying to execute any of these dead celebrity costume ideas. The King was famous for saying things like “I’m all shook up” and “uh huh huh”, so you should really listen to a few of the key phrases before trying to pull off an Elvis Presley costume .

The greatest thing about an Elvis costume is that it can be used for all kinds of occasions. Whether you’re heading out to go trick or treating, heading to a Halloween party, or a 70’s costume party...dressing up as Elvis would work wonders!

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At the end of the day, all of these dead celebrity costume ideas will work wonders for many different occasions (Halloween, costume parties, and even dress up days at school) is just a matter of choosing the costume that fits your personality and style!