Dead Sea anti wrinkle cream has been proclaimed as the latest anti-ageing powerhouse. Known to contain, at the most, 25 minerals, including copper and zinc, the Dead Sea anti wrinkle cream could be just the thing that you are looking for to reverse the sign of aging.

The Benefits of Dead Sea Anti Wrinkle Cream

While the Dead Sea had been frequented for a thousand years because of its rejuvenating effects on the body, recent researches show that the Dead Sea minerals could provide the skin with such extensive and wonderful benefits, which include:

- Maintain the right balance of moisture and water levels
- Promote faster skin repair and tissue replenishment
- Cure skin allergies
- Give the skin a natural anti-allergy protection
- Combat the effects of environmental pollution, such as those that carry airborne skin diseases and allergies
- Counteract the effects of the body's internal toxins

Essentially, Dead Sea minerals had been shown to improve the skin's elasticity, its ability to retain water, and, therefore, its total texture and tone. Dead Sea anti wrinkle cream also contains high concentration of minerals that had been also reported to promote better blood circulation and metabolism such as magnesium, potassium, and sulfur.

The Minerals of Dead Sea Anti Wrinkle Cream

There are, at least, 25 minerals known to be found in the Dead Sea. While the Dead Sea had been frequented by those who believe that the waters could cure a number of skin diseases, recent studies report that there are 12 important minerals that play active roles in anti-aging products.

One of the most noted minerals found in Dead Sea known to be effective in combating wrinkles is zinc: a key ingredient found in most skin repair creams. Zinc had been regarded through years to facilitate faster skin renewal and even promote production of elastin and collagen. Zinc had been also used in many sunscreen products as it protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Basically, zinc is effective both to prevent and reduce the signs of skin ageing.

The Bottom Line About Skin Signs of Aging

Fine lines and wrinkles, in general, appear earlier than we expected because of our genes, stress, climate, excessive sun exposure, and, of course, insufficient nourishment. As we age, our skin basically become less elastic and resilient, a result of the decline in the amount of elastin and collagen. But since ageing is a natural process that we all have to endure, is it possible to reverse the signs of skin ageing?

More and more experts are starting to believe that continuous replenishment of vital vitamins and minerals are important to significantly reduce the effects of ageing. While a number of vitamins, such as A and E, had been known as the primary ingredients of most anti-aging products, some Dead Sea minerals, captured in Dead Sea anti wrinkle cream, had been known to promote healthier around the eye area by

- Stimulating the skin's natural protein synthesis
- Improving cell metabolism and, thereby, facilitating faster energy production
- Enhancing cell regeneration
- Restoring balance by rejuvenating the skin layers

Shopping for a Dead Sea anti wrinkle cream? Tip: only choose Dead Sea anti wrinkle cream that includes zinc as one of its active ingredients: this is ensures that the formula is effective to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, especially in thin skin areas, such as those around the eyes.