In general, all Dead Sea eye cream contain Dead Sea minerals that are known to be revitalize and renew the skin around the eyes. While there are variations of this eye cream, women simply prefer the Dead Sea eye cream because of the sea minerals act that act as a natural and wonderful make up base. This article is all about exploring Dead Sea eye cream and why just about everyone who had tried it believes that it is the ultimate anti wrinkle eye cream.

Eye Creams: What Is It Really and What It Does

Basically, an eye cream is a dermatologically- and ophthalmologist-approved cream that could be used directly near your eye. An eye cream, in general, has of the same pH level as that of the tears, do not have any type of fragrance, and have higher moisture content than your regular moisturizer. Essentially, there are three (3) types of eye creams: for day use, night creams, and "catch all" creams.

Day Creams. While these are called "creams," most day creams are, in fact, in gel form. As a general rule, day creams depuff eyes, lighten under eye circles, and act as sunscreen.

Night Creams. One could easily determine night creams simply by reading labels. Product manufacturers basically indicate in the instruction that the cream is to be applied only by night. In general, night creams repair and prevent damage during sleep. They contain AHA and Retinol.

"Catch All" Creams. This is the type that could be used as a day or night cream. "Catch all" creams just have higher moisture content than the first two categories and do not have "de-puffing" or anti-wrinkle agents.

Dead Sea Eye Cream: Features and Benefits

Most, if not all, Dead Sea eye creams have rich formulation against wrinkles and early skin damages. While there are a number of brands that carry the label "Dead Sea", most of these creams contain Dead Sea minerals and vitamin E and A. As an added ingredient, some of the ultra luxe Dead Sea eye creams contain oxygen, seaweed, and Aloe Vera. Vitamin E and A are potent anti-oxidants and known as ingredients that best strengthen the delicate skin area around the eyes: this is why most Dead Sea eye creams could erase and prevent further damages that could make the eyes appear older and more tired.

In spite the variations on the formula, all Dead Sea eye creams claim to give a more radiant, younger, and fresher skin through the beneficial properties that the Dead Sea minerals are known for. The Dead Sea eye cream also

- Fights wrinkles and other early signs of aging by stimulating metabolism
- Nourishes the eye area by revitalizing the skin cells
- Firms the skin and prevents puffiness
- Doubles as sunscreen, which prevents further damage caused by the harmful UV rays
- Stimulates the skin cells for faster regeneration

Among other Dead Sea minerals, the magnesium is specifically known as a potent anti-aging formula contained in the Dead Sea eye cream. Because of its beneficial properties, the eye cream is also recommended for just about any skin type, but specifically recommended to those with dry skin as the minerals could hydrate the skin better than any regular moisturizer. The Dead Sea eye cream could be used as a night repair cream and a perfect makeup base.