Dead Until Dark Paperback Cover


* This will satisfy your vampire fix!
* Great plot and characters
* Wonderful dialogue and southern charm
* It is a short novel (the paperback has 292 pages)
* There are 8 sequels, and another one set to be published in May 2010


* It is a fairly short novel
* You won't be able to stop reading it!

Full Review

Dead Until Dark is the first novel in the Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse Series written by Charlaine Harris. This novel introduces the main character and first person narrator of the series, Sookie Stackhouse. Sookie is a barmaid who lives with her grandmother in the small northern Louisiana town of Bon Temps. She works at Merlotte's Bar and Grill and seems very normal, but she is actually very different. Sookie is a telepath - she can read other people's minds (not to be confused with a psychic - she cannot predict the future). While it may seem nice at first, reading other people's thoughts can be very overwhelming because she has little control over her ability. Makes dating very rough when you can hear all about the hopes your date has for the evening. So, Sookie does not have much of a dating life until she meets vampire Bill Compton.

True Blood is a synthetic blood drink made for vampire consumption. After this drink is created, vampire's made their existence known to the world since they were no longer a threat to the human race. Bill Compton was made a vampire during the Civil War Era, so he returns to Bon Temps to reclaim his old family home. Sookie meets him one night when he comes into Merlotte's and ends up saving him from a couple of vampire drainers (she had read their thoughts and knew what they were planning to do). He gets to return the favor a few days later when the same couple who attacked him attacked Sookie.

The book has two main focuses. First, the relationship between Sookie and Bill. Second, the murder mystery. There are three women murdered and they all have connections to vampires. Sookie's brother Jason is accused of the murders, so Sookie uses her powers to help figure out who the real killer is. She realizes that she is next on the murderer's list because of her involvement with Bill Compton and finds out that the murderer was closer to her and her brother than she imagined.

The television series True Blood is based on this novel. The entire first season covers all of the plot points of the first book, and even more. For more information on the series, check out or True Blood Lexicon.

In Closing

The entire Southern Vampire Series and the HBO show True Blood are both very enjoyable. The characters are well rounded, believable, and endearing. The book includes not only vampires, but shapeshifters as well. It is a very diverse group of fantasy characters.