When you are ill with cancer, dealing with the chemotherapy nausea is often one of the most difficult parts of treatment. The patient will find it difficult to keep food down and this can risk the patient becoming weaker from a lack of nutrition. There are some things that you can do to help fight the nausea that you might be feeling as a result of your chemotherapy treatment.

The first thing that you should make sure of is not to eat any of your favorite foods while you are receiving chemotherapy. If you do partake of your favorite food items and they make you ill, you will find that they are no longer your favorite foods. Skip these things now, and wait for the time when you can enjoy them without feeling ill.

Drink plenty of fluids while you are dealing with nausea and vomiting. You run the risk of becoming dehydrated while you are feeling this way. Dehydration is a dangerous condition and it can happen very quickly if you are not paying attention to your fluid intake. Drink a bit more than the recommended amount of water to make up for what you are losing from vomiting.

Don't drink fluids with your meals. This will help to control the chemotherapy nausea that occurs while you are eating. Stick with dry foods like toast and cereals first thing in the morning. Lighter foods are better than heavy oily meals. Give your stomach a chance to handle the foods that you eat and eat a light healthy diet.

Try not to lie down after you eat for a couple of hours. This will help you to keep your food in your body where it will do the most good. You might also try getting out into some fresh air after you eat. Environment is sometimes very helpful when you are trying to control your nausea. Try and distract yourself and do something that is fun for you that will keep your mind off of the nausea.

It is very important that you try and control the nausea that you are feeling while you are receiving chemotherapy treatment. Your doctor can prescribe an anti nausea medication, but you will have to do your part as well to make sure that excessive vomiting does not cause you to become too weak to fight off your cancer. Chemotherapy nausea can be one of the most debilitating side effects of chemotherapy treatment. You should do all that you can to lessen the effects and help yourself fight off your cancer.