Set your clock for daylight savings time change

Daylight savings time is hard to cope with, especially if you have to be up early for work or school.  When remembering to set the clock back or forward, just remember the saying “spring ahead and fall back”.  During the spring season you will need to set your clock forward, which means you lose an hour of sleep.  In the fall you will set your clock back which means you will gain an additional hour.  There are ways to successfully handle daylight savings time to avoid feeling like you are dragging.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start getting up early.  During the spring, when the time change starts, you may feel tired because you lose an hour of sleep.  During that week of daylight savings, set your clock alarm 15 minutes earlier and keep adding 15 minutes each day.  You will need to do this 4 days before to work your way up to the hour.  This will help you feel less drowsy.  With the extra time you have you can make a healthy breakfast or go for a walk before work or school.  Not only is it a smart idea to get into this routine with yourself as an adult, but the get entire family into this routine as well.  The kids will definitely benefit from doing this.  You will most likely notice that they are a lot less cranky in the morning as well since they are getting adequate sleep at night.

Go to bed a little bit earlier the night before.  If you are used to going to bed at 11 p.m. try to get in bed by 10 p.m.  If you need that extra hour or sleep you will be happy that you went to bed a bit earlier.  Don’t take a nap the same day that the time switch happens.  If you don’t nap, you will most likely fall asleep earlier.  Avoid certain foods right before bed, the night before the major time change.  Fried foods, sugary foods and chips are not a good choice before bed as they are prone to keeping you awake.  Caffeine should also be avoided after 7:00 that night.  It is actually a smart idea to avoid any time of food after 7:00 p.m. as it can negatively impact your health.

Eat fruit in the morning to keep yourself energized.  Fruit will provide you with essential minerals and vitamins you need to stay energized for your day.  Cut up a bowl of fruit the night before and enjoy it for breakfast the next morning.  Don’t forget to take your daily vitamins.  You will be amazed at how something as simple as this can make you feel so much better throughout the entire day.

Many people think that exercise makes you even more tired.  In reality, exercise will give you more energy.  Take a short walk in the morning before work or go for a jog before you get ready for the day.  Many people do not believe that this can make you feel better during daylight savings, but it definitely can be extremely beneficial.

Don’t use dark blinds or curtains on your windows.  It will make it extremely hard for you to wake up as you are already technically getting up an hour earlier than you are used to.  It is okay to have regular blinds, but just make sure it doesn't make the entire room pitch black in the morning.

If you have kids, daylight savings time can be difficult.  Some kids want to sleep in and not get up for school and other kids may have a hard time falling asleep.

Train your brain so you know that daylight savings time is coming shortly.  It is a good idea to talk yourself into knowing that there will be a time change coming.  Although you know that it is soon going to be daylight savings, your body and brain may not be quite ready for it yet.

These are all great ways you can cope with changing the clock an hour earlier. By doing certain things before the time even happens, it can help the transition more smoothly.

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