Dealing With Frustration

We all become frustrated at some point in our lives, maybe it's an unexpected event that we don't have time to deal with or a problem that we just cant seem to solve, whatever the issue instead of seeing frustration as wall I challenge you to see it as a bridge that allows you to stop and think about what your options are apposed to seeing no options at all. Frustration can be dealt with and managed if you practice a few important skills that when put in conjunction with consistency will help you develop healthy tolerances to the constant onslaught of events that bring on frustrations tell tale signs anger, fatigue, impulsivity etc.

Baby Steps

There is a famous saying that states "You can have anything you want however you can't have everything you want." There is a lot of truth in this statement when it comes to taking baby steps when the task seems too large. I've always followed this rule when it came to being overwhelmed with big projects. I would sit there and invest time in taking difficult task in my work flow and breaking them down into smaller more manageable chunks. Every step forward in a difficult task was a victory in my book because I was moving forward and breaking through the wall of frustration is about moving forward not sitting still and getting upset and flustered about the things you can't change.

Draw It

I work in the Information Technology sector and some of the concepts and designs for our infrastructure are very complicated and esoteric. So much in fact that sometimes I can not visualize how the design is going to play out, so I grab a piece of paper and a pencil and I draw out the work flow of each baby step that needs to take place for the design to emerge. If you are stuck in a bind and out of ideas one of the best ways to break through the frustration is to brain storm by drawing out all the possible options and objectives to obtaining a goal. It doesn't have to be perfect it just has to be on paper and mapped out, so you know what step you are stuck in. Drawing it out allows for the thoughts in your head to become obvious because the eyes can take in much more data and process much more information than the conscious mind. You'd be amazed at how well this works.

Working With A Fresh Mind

A frustrated mind creates frustrated results, sometimes we fall into the belief that if I get more frustrated and obsessive compulsive I will find the answer. This always ends up with tragic results. The alternative is to walk away and do something else that takes your mind off of the frustration, maybe it's a bath or a walk in the park. The temporary release allows you to blow off built up steam and allows the creative juices to flow from your subconscious mind right into your conscious mind.