Keyword density problems

We are all writers on the internet and most notably here on Infobarrel. The new keyword density issues people are having with these changes are that certain words are hard to get around changing and their articles are suffering because of it. Here are some tips and ideas that I have come up with in my short time here at Infobarrel to please the density word count tool and to still be able to please our readers.

Increase length

The first way to improve your chances of overcoming the keyword density issue is to increase the length of your article. The shorter your article, the greater the percentagWritinge will be on your keyword since the article isn't long enough. I've found that when starting an article to completely ignore the keyword density tool because it will of course say everything will be over the limit. This is because you just started and only having 100 words will mean everything is offending the tool. Ignore it when first starting off and when you finally finish your article then you can begin to make any changes if the stats are still in red. Length is the first key that I have noticed in being able to overcome the problems we are having with these new changes and I encourage you to increase the length of those articles by adding another text element and adding one more section to decreased the percentages. Increasing the length is the number one way to get around this problem and I've seen it happen time and time again where I start writing and the stats are red the whole time, but as I continued to write and finally finished the article it went blue and no replacing was needed.

Grab a thesaurus

This is the second tip I've come up with to help with keyword density issues. When I'm using a certain word way to many times the tool goes crazy. What I first do is follow tip #1 and finish the article first. I don't want to be replacing my main word with others if the length was good enough to overcome that. Finish your article first, then look to a thesaurus. I have found numerous words that could easily replace my keyword and still hold up the integrity of my article while still getting the point across. Sometimes it actually made more sense to replace the main word I was using with another one and that actually added more flavor and depth to an article that seemed overloaded with ceThesaurusrtain phrases. Consult a thesaurus and see what words can be used to replace yours; you will be surprised how fast you can be on track to publishing an article by just using one word replacement.

Now there does come an issue that people being up as a valid point. Some articles have a really hard time replacing certain words because it's so intertwined with the subject that to replace it would ruin the article itself. This does pose a big problem as I have found with one or two of my articles like this one. Man that article was tough to get around but the main way is to find supporting words that still get the point across without totally botching up the article. For example if you are writing an article about the "Eiffel Tower" and that is your main keyword, it can prove to be hard to find substitutes for that word. However if you change the dynamic of your sentence structure you can get around it. Try saying "I've been here many times in the past few years", instead of "I've been to the Eiffel Tower many times in the past few years". It's not much, but it can help.

Ignore the stats

Some people have the wrong idea that if their article is in the red because the keyword density tool is screaming at them they think their article is unable to be published. This is totally not true as the tool is more of a guideline instead of a rule. You can still publish your article if it's in red, it just means that if you are preapproved it will go into the editorial queue for review before it goes live. If you are just a slight hair over the percentage threshold it will still probably get approved no problem. The tool is a nice way of enforcing certain rules without actually having to have people enforce them, but it's just a guideline and if you are pretty close to seeing the red turn to blue then just publish it anyway and let a editor look at it. I highly doubt if you are close it will get denied, so don't sweat it if you have written a lot and replaced a lot and still come up short.

Keep at it

Hopefully these few tips help you in becoming a better writer for Infobarrel and help assist you in getting around keyword density issues. I've found myself frequently overcoming this issue by just writing a lot and then replacing a word or two if the length of the article wasn't enough by itself to push below the threshold. Good luck with your writing and keep that thesaurus in a bookmark; you will no doubt be using it!