Morning sickness isn't always in the morning. It can creep up on you all day long and make you feel miserable. Dealing with it is never fun. For most morning sickness (even if it is all day sickness) usually only effects people from the first four or five weeks to the fourteenth week. Dealing with it is certainly not fun, but you will survive and make it through.

Move Slowly.
Moving quickly can make it easy to become dizzy and nauseous. In fact, it can make it easy to feel down right awful. Move slowly, especially when getting up and you can eliminate some of this. Take your time getting places, easy on the stairs, and easy getting up and down.

Avoid Foods and Smells.
Many pregnant women feel nauseous or ill when they are near or around certain foods or smells. If this is the case then make sure you avoid these things. This isn't always possible, but the more times you are successful in avoiding them then the more you will feel better.

Watch What You Eat.
It is a good idea to watch what you eat. Evaluate the types of foods that make you feel worse. That way you can eat in ways that make you feel good and avoid those that make you feel bad. This can sometimes mean avoiding your favorites because they make you feel ill.

Sea Bands.
There is a product out there that many say helps them. It is only a few dollars and definitely worth the investment should it work. It is called a "sea" band and they are made to stop motion sickness. What they do is go around the wrist and they have a small plastic nub on the bottom that puts pressure on the bottom of the wrist. This is a pressure point and with the pressure they put there they stop motion sickness and for some morning sickness.

Take Your Vitamins With Care.
Prenatal vitamins can often cause a lot of morning sickness for women. If you find you are feeling ill from them then it is a good idea to try something to make it easier. You can start taking them at night. This alone works for a lot of women. You can also take them with a small snack so that they are not alone in the stomach. If neither of these works then talk to your doctor about it. He or she may give you different vitamins to try or have you stop taking them for a little while. Because vitamins are so important to your baby's development it isn't a good idea to stop taking them without the advice of your doctor.

Eating to Help.
There are certain foods that many women claim help. The trick is finding one that works for you. Some of these work one pregnancy and not the next or vise a versa. Try them all out since relief is often worth the snack!

  • Saltines or dry soda crackers. This is one that is often recommended for upset stomachs. It helps absorb excess moisture and stop sloshing around so it makes a good option to start with. The salt can also help make you feel a little better. Try a few sips of water and a few crackers and you may have your cure and you won't need anything else.
  • Dry toast. While not on the top of the taste good menu dry toast offers the same benefits as saltine crackers with a little variety.
  • Biscuits. Another dry food to aid in feeling a little better.
  • Club crackers. These offer similar benefits to saltines and other dry foods, but they offer a different taste, which can be nice.
  • Potato chips. This is a bit of a greasy option and that can cause additional problems for some. However the salt content can make many stomachs feel better. It is a good idea not to get carried away though!
  • Flat sodas. Some recommend flat cola, some flat lemon lime soda, and others flat ginger ale. Whatever is your preference (or try all three if you think it might work). This sugar combination helps to calm the stomach.
  • Ginger products. Ginger is good at calming upset stomachs. You can try ginger snaps or cookies, ginger tea (with nothing else in it), or real ginger ale (must contain ginger). Supplements can also help, but you should talk to your doctor before giving them a try.
  • Heavy syrup from peaches or pears. In days now gone by doctors would give patients coke syrup. This was thick and sweet and worked well at calming stomachs. Now flat cola can help, but so can the thick sweet syrup from a can of peaches or pears (in heavy syrup). Take this one spoon full at a time to see if it will work.
  • Peanut butter. Probably one of the oddest claims out there, but there are a large number of women who say that a spoonful of peanut butter or a small amount on toast or crackers calms the stomach. It is definitely worth a try.

Morning Foods and Snacks.
It is a good idea to keep a small snack beside your bed. This way you can have a little bit of food before you get out of bed. Have your snack, wait fifteen minutes, and then get out of bed slowly. It is also a good idea to carry a snack and water with you so that you can keep your stomach full and comfortable and so you can stay hydrated even on long trips.

Keep Hydrated.
Getting dehydrated is never good for the body, but during pregnancy it is even easier to do and it causes you to feel ill faster. It is a good idea to keep yourself hydrated. Drink juice, milk, and most importantly water. Most doctors recommend at least ten glasses of water each day during pregnancy and additional glasses of other fluids. If you are getting headaches or feeling sick then adding additional water (a little at a time) can often help!

Think of Your Baby.
It is hard to keep perspective in mind, however it is important that even when you feel your worst you should think of your baby. It is hard to do, but your baby is why you are going through this and a good way to keep working your way through it. Even if your morning sickness lasts your entire pregnancy, your beautiful baby will be here soon enough. When you look into his or her face it will make it something you can handle. Just think of this ahead of time.

Morning sickness isn't any fun, but you can make it through. Often times with a little help you can feel better and make it through your day without too much problem. If morning sickness becomes extreme then it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about it.