Loved One's Death
Credit: google images

If we live long enough, there will come a day when we lose someone that is close to us.  No one can tell us how to feel during that time as we suffer through the loss.  Many people have a difficult time dealing with the death of a loved one or close friend.  Of all the things that we have learned about in life, grief is one that is learned only through the experience.  So how do we cope when the day comes that we have to say that final goodbye to someone we treasure?  How do we go on?

  1.  Go ahead and cry.  It is okay to shed tears when someone passes away.  Many times a good cry can help us to relieve some of the stress of dealing with their demise.  By allowing yourself to feel the pain and knowing that it is a normal part of the grieving process, you will begin to feel a little better.
  2. Remember the good times.  The hardest thing to do when someone dies is to not think about them dying.  Instead try thinking back on all the fun times you shared with them, it will lesson your sorrow.  Keeping your focus on all the moments the two of you laughed, cried and enjoyed life together will help you to cope.  Put a smile on your face and relive the happiness.  Know they would want you to do that. 
  3. Keep a promise.  If you promised the loved one that you would do something for them or their family; go ahead and do it.  Fulfill the obligation and be amazed at how much better you feel.  By doing something you know the person would have wanted you to do helps to keep them alive in your heart and keeps their legacy going.
  4. Stay Busy.  One thing that can help you to deal with the loss is by using your life doing something worthwhile, so keep moving.  Whatever you have been meaning to do and have not done on yet; let the date of their death be your start date to a new life.  Make a plan and don’t waste another moment.  Let your loved one’s life serve as the guide that life is short, so live your best life starting now.
  5. Console Others.  If your friend or loved one left a spouse or children behind help them to work through their grief.  By helping someone else that may be in pain to deal with their feelings, you are helping yourself.  Bring food by their house, help them clean up, or even help plan the funeral.  Whatever services you can offer to take some of the burden from them, do so.  You get the joy of knowing that you helped others and the family has a little less to worry about.

Losing someone you care about is never easy.  Take the time and remember them and all the good they brought into the world.  Understand that it’s okay to cry and feel down for a little while; just don’t stay there.  Stay busy and console others that were close to them as well.  You will always remember them with fondness and realize through your efforts that life goes on.  Their memory will always be with you, so keep them in your heart and live on.