Sometimes we meet people that we just cannot get along with. While it might be okay at times to face them, but to see them on a regular basis might be more than what you asked for. These people can be coworkers, classmates, friends or even family members. We just have to have to learn to deal with others and accept them. Try these tips to help you deal with such people.

  1. It's easier to change yourself than others- When dealing with people who irk you, you have to realize that those people might not know why they annoy you so much. They're just being themselves. You can't just turn to them and demand that they change for you. Not only is that rude, others might not agree with you about things that only you might dislike. Learn to not take their actions personally all the time. The best way to approach this situation is to start with yourself. It's easier to change yourself then it is to change another person's whole view and personality. Learn to accept others for how they are, and with that, everything else will come into place and become easier.
  2. Let them know your boundaries- You don't have to let the other person know you dislike them, but rather let them know what you will and will not tolerate. Everyone has their own personal space and you are entitled to it. When you lay out your boundaries, not only does it help you on the types of behaviors to expect, but also saves you from being a push-over. Now if this person has history of boiling your blood, let them know what it was that bothered you and be upfront about where you stand. You'd be surprised how oblivious some people can be. No one can read your mind, and might not be aware of the invasion of your space. If they persist, get a little more firm, but at all times remember to be respectful.
  3. Learn to ignore- People say ignoring others might not be the nicest thing, but given the right circumstances, I beg to differ. Many people think highly of themselves and naturally think they are rarely wrong. If you've approached them, kindly asked them to be more respectful, and they still continue... well, it just really goes to show you their character. Why even bother, right? When you communicate or answer someone whom bugs you, you only give that person a reason to continue on with their behavior. If you choose to ignore them, they won't have any other option but to find someone else. On top of that, they might realize you are ignoring and might aid them with some self-reflection time.
  4. See how others deal with them- When you observe others who have to deal with the same person, it can be inspirational and give you insight on how to deal with them. If you can't seem to stand a conversation, pull in a friend and just watch how they act. 
  5. Be respectful- Even though others can really drive you up a wall, remember that you must remain respectful. Getting irrational and out of line does not solve anything. Try to realize that sometimes people are the way they are due to events that have happened in their past, whether they realize it or not. Get to know them and understand why.  If possible, help them to uncover their problem, then work with them to analyze the issue and discover the solution. If they're stubborn and content, and they still bother you, leave them be. 
  6. Walk away- If you have the choice, then walk away. Who needs people to cause more trouble for you in our busy lives anyways? Those people can find some way to entertain themselves another way. Just keep walking.