Customer Service - Dealing with Angry Customers

Part of being a successful business includes having exceptional customer service. Customer services equates to a great customer experience which is what winds up bringing customers back time and time again.

A disgruntled customer will inform other potential customers how terrible your services are nearly ten times as much as a happy customer. If a customer feels you've done a bad job, they will normally tell 25 people how bad their experience was. If you did a really bad job, expect for them to tell at least 50 people, and if you really blow it, you could end up on the evening news! In contrast, if you do a good job, figures say that people will only tell around 3 people where a great job might warrant your customer telling 10 friends.

Customer ServiceOver time many bad experiences can have a compound negative effect on your business.

This is why it is absolutely crucial to take an unhappy customer and spin them into a happy raving fan. Converting an unhappy customer is actually easier than you probably think and can sometimes even turn into another sale.

Converting unhappy customers to happy customers is a simple four step process, and after I explain it to you, you will probably notice companies using this same formula on you when you are having a problem with their services/products.

Step 1 - Listen

When customers come into the store upset you have to let them vent. Don't interrupt them when they start talking to you, let them tell you the entire story and get everything off their chest. Just venting to you and acknowledging the fact that you are listening will dramatically improve their mood.

Step 2 - Acknowledge their concerns

The next step to resolving their issue is to acknowledge their issue with empathy. Don' apologize for whatever happened as we don't want to supply sympathy. Let them know you understand what they are going through and that you wouldn't be happy if the same thing happened to you. Make sure you acknowledge the specific issue they are having so they know 100% sure you were listening to them while they vented to you.

Step 3 - Solve the Problem

Once you've acknowledged the problem, you should work with the customer to find a solution to their problem that works for everybody. Sometimes you might not be able to resolve the issue in a manor they originally wanted, but sometimes you can use this as an opportunity to up sell them into something else. The key element here is making sure the customer sees you doing everything in your power to resolve their issue, most of the time they will be happy meeting somewhere in the middle.

Step 4 - Thank the customer

You would be surprised how far thanking a customer for their business actually goes. Treat your customer similar to how you would treat a guest in your house. Thank them for their patience, for using your service and make sure you don't forget to ask them to come back in the future. Saying thank you shows your customers you care and that they aren't just another statistic in some corporation.

If you follow these four steps you should be able to handle most upset customers and help create many more raving fans of your business.