Surgery is never an easy word to hear. It's a word that brings forth much insecurity. Let's try to focus on the positive things we can do instead of the negative.


Prayer is where true healing from fear can be found. Our creator knows our pain and wants his people to take comfort through him. God has their life in his hands. He knows of your concerns. He loves you and wants to give you peace.

The right doctor makes all the difference when dealing with a loved one having surgery. Why? People who have confidence in their doctor fear less. A great doctor can assure you that the best is being done in a caring professional manner.

Families who support one another will benefit from less grief. Support can be about praying together and staying in close contact until all has been done that can be done. Find words of encouragement that can lift our caring loved ones spirit. A few positive caring words can make any situation better.

Have a talk with the ones who is having the surgery. Find out where their peace level lies. If there at peace then you should show them you're at peace too. If they see you devastated this will cause them to feel unease when the day of surgery arrives. This will not benefit them in the long run. They need to feel at peace with all of their feelings.

People should put there own fears to rest. This is about accepting that life has beginnings and ends. Life needs nurturing to thrive and heal and begin anew. One never knows when their last day comes.

All we can do is trust the person who created us in the first place. Faith is the real answer.

Tell the person having surgery that you love them and they don't need to worry about your emotions at this time. Tell them to just care about getting better. I know it's hard not to show your fears through tears and sadness This can actually make us stronger if we let it.

Put your true focus on making the person, who is having surgery feel loved, cared for, and at peace. Then they'll be able to lie on that operating table knowing that their loved ones are alright too. This is very important at fragile times like these. Give them peace. It starts with God and you holding each other hand walking side by side through this world of uncertainty.