When you are hosting a party, you have to know about the possible outcomes and consequences. Remember that a cool party host is a responsible host who prioritize the guest's safety. Before you throw the biggest bash of the year, you must first take note of these quick and easy tips:

  • If you are living in a rented house, check the rules about parties.
  • Days before the party, let your neighbors know about your plans and provide them with your contact information
  • Create a guest list.
  • Don't serve alcohol to people under the legal age.
  • Serve non-alcohol drinks and don't allow illegal drugs in your premises

But there are times when despite your efforts, you still end up having to deal with the law. Everyone is having an excellent time, music is filling the room, and people are talking and dancing, and then you hear a forceful knock on your door. The police have decided to pay you a visit. What should you do now?

Take Control Of The Situation: As the host, you must immediately get the noise under control. Ask your guests to tone down and turn off the music. You can also ask your sober guests to get the visibly intoxicated out of immediate sight.

Open The Door And Step Outside: Remember to immediately close the door behind you once you are outside. If the officer has not witnessed any illegal activities and if they believe that you have complete control over the situation, they don't have the right to enter your house. When you step outside and close the door, you are making it clear that you have not given them permission to enter your house.

Remain Calm and Respectful: You can politely ask the police officer why he had come to visit and address their reason. For instance, if they knocked on your door due to complaints about the noise, assure them that you will address the problem.

In addition, remember that in most circumstances, police officers cannot enter your house without your consent. If you are uncertain whether they are making a request or giving you an order, ask them whether it is necessary to comply. If the officer says yes, then do what he asks or you might risk getting arrested. Remember that the he can enter your home but he can't search your premises without a warrant.

Keep The Party Under Control: Once the officer leaves, you must keep the party under control. Turn down the music and ask your guests to try to keep the noise down. In addition, you can try sending a few people home if you have to.

These are just a few tips to help you avoid getting arrested while throwing a party. It is unavoidable to have a police officer at your door, but you can take control of the situation to avoid legal problems.