Fibromyalgia can cause widespread pain and fatigue. Even with proper medical treatment pain can become a part of your everyday life. Whether you have fibromyalgia or one of your loved ones suffers from it, the pain can change your entire way of life. Here are some tips to deal with chronic fibromyalgia pain.

Keep a journal. You might even want to come up with a program where you can track your progress day by day. No, making graphs doesn't help your pain. However, this will help you pin point what your triggers are. You can be as detailed as you want. Include your stress level, the weather and how much you slept. This will help put a little order to a disease that just doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it.

Take care of yourself. A lot of the fibromyalgia pain management tips are common sense. Eat healthy, exercise, get a full nights sleep. This won't make the pain go away immediately but it can help you avoid a lot of pain in the future and get on the road to better health.

Exercise. When every movement hurts, exercising is probably the last thing you want to do. You can just do some light stretching or yoga so your muscles don't lock up. Meditation and deep breathing exercises can also help you through the greater parts of the pain.

Sleep through it. This isn't always practical because of everyday life. You need to avoid sleeping too much. However, a quick nap can totally change your pain level and the course of your day.

Relax. This is also really difficult to do when you aren't feeling well and your entire body is tense. Sometimes the pain may be so intense that just watching TV or reading a book seems like a chore. Try to get the house as quiet as possible or turn on some music. Take a bubble bath. Remind yourself that while the pain is excruciating you will get through it.

Cut down on your stress level. This makes you tense which makes the pain that much worse. You might have to ask for help from family or friends, or just learn to say no to unreasonable obligations. Having fibromyalgia is a constant battle to keep leading a normal existence without getting sicker.

These are simple tips for pain management. As always, talk to your doctor so you feel as good as you possibly can and then just figure out ways to deal with the rest of the pain. Chronic fibromyalgia pain doesn't have to be the end of your life. With a little planning and perseverance you can still accomplish anything you could before you go sick.